G4's X-Play gives some love to Dungeon Runners.

Calling Dungeon Runners a great way to get your fantasy fix, Adam Sessler gives high praise to NCsoft's latest free to play RPG. When a game is fantasy based and is played online, footage from World of Warcraft must be included. G4 doesn't disappoint with a shot of an orc doing some arm gestures with questionable taste. Then they get down to business and show off Dungeon Runners combat, classes and skill tree system. They also discuss that while Dungeon Runners is free to play, there will be options to purchase through a microtransaction system.

All of that is fine and dandy, but watch closely at the 00:50 mark of the clip and you will see that the main character on the screen is clearly wielding the Ten Ton Hammer designed by Mark Tucker of NCsoft in cahoots with our very own Cody Bye.

Check out the X-Play segment and see the Ten Ton Hammer in action!

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016