Halo meets Tribes with a side dish of Planetside.

I can't watch the latest gameplay video for Global Agenda without getting a little twinge of what might have been for Tabula Rasa. The graphics are right up my alley, I really like the art direction and animations. The action packed MMO from Hi-Rez Studios looks very polished and FAST. The game also appears quite twitchy so this may be yet another game for you youngsters out there who feel more comfortable with a game pad in your hand than a slide ruler.

The interviewees in the video discuss how the game is team based with capture and control points as the primary objectives. Controlling strategic locations provide ways for players to upgrade their "agents" (characters). The graphics look very smooth, and I just watched it on the lowest setting - I bet the high def version looks amazing. Will the high adrenaline of constant FPS platform jumping lend itself to a traditional MMO player or is this for a new type of MMO player? They may be helping bridge between the Call of Duty crowd and us dwellers of persistent worlds. What I like best is the quality of these first looks at the game. Hi-Rez has been pretty quiet until now and they are not showing some static screenshot of a grassy hillside. Nope, these guys are showing full motion gameplay videos that really show off what appears to be a finished game. Kudos to you guys Hi-Rez.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016