Jumpgate Evolution delves into the great Carebear versus PvP debate.

In a video interview by Kotaku with Jumpgate Evolution's Hermann Peterscheck discusses game design challenges of incorporating PvP. Hermann doesn't dole out a lot of secrets about Jumpate Evolution but does discuss some of the gameplay mechanics and challenges that designers face when adding PvP content into games. He does share the facts that JE will be a sharded (multiple realms as opposed to a single universe like EVE Online) and that JE will have both regulated and unregulated space (PvE and PvP respectively).

Some of the interesting comments included Hermann's assessment that in today's current crop of games, he believes the ratio of PvE to PvP realms is about "50-50." I would like to see which games he is getting that information from, because most of the games I have played have a much lower ratio of PvP servers. The other intriguing idea discussed was PvP in the form of computer controlled pirates. Seeing an AI pirate gank some newbs would be awesome, but I doubt that will be well received. The game is being designed to attract the mass market so expect there to be PvP and PvE in all kinds of different flavors. Watch the rest of the video at Kotaku.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016