Mass Effect 3 received its first multiplayer-based DLC today with the free Resurgence Pack DLC. The Resurgence Pack is the first of two announced free DLC updates, the second being the Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut slated for release sometime this summer that aims to offer some clarity on the vague ending of the game.

The Mass Effect 3 Resurgence Pack adds several new classes to the multiplayer game such as the Asari Justicar Adept, Batarian Soldier & Sentinel, Geth Infiltrator & Engineer, and the Krogan Vanguard. New weapons and items are also available along with two new multiplayer maps - Firebase Condor and Firebase Hydra.

The new multiplayer DLC is available to Mass Effect 3 players today for free. Check out the Mass Effect 3 Resurgence Pack page and official trailer after the break for more.

Source: Mass Effect 3 website

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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