Winter is coming and so is WildStar’s beta. Carbine plans to expand its beta with lots of new testers sometime this winter to prep for its official launch in Spring 2014. While no date has been officially set for the winter beta, you can get your name in the tester pool by signing up now.

In addition to the upcoming winter beta, Carbine will also be holding a series of Twitch livestream events throughout the rest of the year. Carbine will also be lifting the veil on WildStar's final two classes before the end of 2013. But before that, the team will be reintroducing its previously announced classes.

"Classes have changed, evolved, and progressed since we first revealed them, so before we get to the new classes we thought it'd be great to reintroduce the old ones in an informative way, and showcase each of the unique mechanics, strategies, and designs of WildStar's classes. Each reveal (or re-reveal) will be accompanied by new webpages, developer interviews, and livestreams to answer any questions you have about that class. All of these reveals and information drops will lead up to one big moment in December."

Source: WildStar Winter Beta Announcement

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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