The Bossest of the Bosses

Kil'Jaedon, the bossest of boss mobs in Sunwell Plateau (and the toughest in World of Warcraft at the moment, for that matter) doesn't fall easily. It's been 3 months since patch 2.4.0 brought Kil'Jaedon to life. and many servers have only very recently registered a kill. One of the first guilds worldwide to find the appropriate balance of organization, skill, and blind luck was Nihilum, an EU guild who scored their first Kil'Jaedon kill on March 25th after literally hundreds of tries and less than a day after SK Gaming and Method (also EU guilds) accomplished the task.

Whether you're a casual with an appreciation for what it takes or a hardcore raider looking for some insight, join Nihilum for a fascinating look at two 25-man raid encounters with the über-boss Kil'Jaedon. Check it out at the WoW - Ten Ton Hammer community site!

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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