Zero Punctuation serves up a side of EVE Online.

I can't tell if the guy who writes Zero Punctuation should be taken behind the shed and taught a lesson, or praised for the hilarity he provides. While I rarely agree with his opinions (and yes I understand he is making entertainment and not real statements) I believe he is one of the funnier people cranking out videos these days. Anyway, this week he takes on EVE Online.

When I say he takes it on, I mean he tackles EVE with his typical vigor and venom. Apparently smarting from his Age of Conan review, he is trying what his friends call a "real MMO." Yes he picks apart the fact that you improve your character more by not playing than playing, and he points out the volume of data you need to distill just to create a character, but he doesn't open any new wounds a true EVE player hasn't already embraced as the feature of a real game.

For a good laugh at the overall gamer stereotype and MMOs in general, check out Zero Punctuation.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016