Video of the Day: Commander Shepard – A Dramatic Reading

Mass Effect voice actor Mark Meer sits by the fireplace for a dramatic reading of why you’ll never be better than Commander Shepard.
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You'll never be better than Commander Shepard.

Mass Effect made a solid mark on the last generation of gaming. BioWare's epic sci-fi trilogy offered a first in gaming by allowing players to create their own journey through the series trilogy and import their characters and choices from one game to the next. ItÂ’s earned a lot of fan devotion due to its deep story, characters, and massive universe, and itÂ’s suffered its share of backlash and tasty protests because of how the series finale originally ended. But despite that, Mass Effect still one of the best series of games to come out of the last generation of gaming.

Whether you love it or hate it, Mass Effect has inspired a lot of creative work ranging from the fantastic Reignite song from Malukah to Miracle of Sound's Commander Shepard. And that brings us to todayÂ’s video courtesy of those crafty fellows over at Sneaky Zebra, who once again managed to recruit Mark Meer, the voice of the male version of Mass EffectÂ’s Commander Shepard.

Meer, putting on his serious face (sort of), sits down in front of a fireplace to provide a dramatic reading of why youÂ’ll never be better than Commander Shepard. Enjoy!

If you enjoyed that little video, be sure to check out more from Sneaky Zebra on YouTube.

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