Video of the Day: Will The Elder Scrolls Online Hook Non-MMO Gamers?

Today's video shows us what happens when a gamer who dislikes MMOs gets a look at ESO. Does it get his attention? Watch and see.
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Today's video comes from VitalSyntax, who admits that he's not an MMO guy. He feels that MMOs are all about cool-downs and mashing hotkeys. To date, he hasn't played an MMO in which he found the story intriguing. But that doesn't mean he's necessarily written off MMOs all together. In fact, The Elder Scrolls Online, now coming to consoles as well as PC, has him intrigued.

Take a look at some in-game footage (which anyone closely following the game will have seen before), and listen to VitalSyntax's take.

I appreciate getting some insight into ESO from the point of view of a non-MMO gamer. What's your opinion? Is ESO in a unique position to capture the attention of gamers who otherwise have no interest in MMOs?

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