Video of the Day: Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay Footage and Console Talk

Lead Gameplay Designer Nick Konkle talks about console plans for ESO over a backdrop of actual gameplay footage in today's video.

Gameplay footage is a good thing!

Ah, an Elder Scrolls Online video with actual gameplay footage. It's kind of

the holy grail in these days of high production CGI trailers.

href="">VG24/7 talked to Nick Konkle, lead gameplay designer for ESO,

at E3. (Although this video was just published yesterday.) Nick talks a good bit about the

ESO port to consoles and gives a few details about the control scheme while we watch some

cool battles, both in 3rd and 1st person.

YouTube trolls tend to be omega trolls, but quite a few of them are bagging on graphics

and combat (presumably combat animations). Keeping in mind that this is a video, and the

quality can't really be compared to what you'll see on your own PC or TV screen in the

spring of 2014 when ESO releases, what's your take?

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