Video of the Day: Interacting with WildStar’s Abilities

Posted Thu, Sep 26, 2013 by Martuk

Ten Ton Hammer Video of the Day

Spider-monkey ninjas attack!

The Carbine devs are feeling chatty once again this week and have revealed a new video in the DevSpeak series to highlight the ability mechanics of WildStar. The latest video showcases the little twists and changes that Carbine has put on the instant, cast time, and channeling skills of WildStar, and how players will utilize them in different ways from traditional MMORPG combat, including with reactives and on the run. Although it is kind of hard to engage the enemy when you’re both running in the same direction, but I digress.

Whether you're a healer, tank, or a DPS, you'll be making use of WildStar's skills in a number of different ways and you can see how it all works in today's video.

Do you like combat on the move, or do you prefer the slower and more traditional type? Tell us in the comments below and keep your eyes peeled for more of WildStar’s upcoming comic series. You can head over to the WildStar website to register for the beta if you would like to join the ranks of the spider-monkey ninja army.

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