Video of the Day: Passing Off the Torch

Machinima serves up a new music video to kick off the year and bid farewell to the previous generation of console games.

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The passing of the gaming torch has begun.

This week our daily video feature has been all about paying homage to the console gaming legends of the past, so it seems only fitting that today is a final tribute as the torch is being passed from the previous generation of gaming to the new. Today’s video does just that.

The video dubbed “Passing off the Torch” is a collection of gameplay and cinematic footage from some of the greatest games from the last generation topped off by a music video written by JT Machinima. So enjoy today’s video and say goodbye to some of the last generation’s classics.

There’s still some life left in the previous console generation, so enjoy it while you can. In the meantime, you can visit the Machinima YouTube channel for more.

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