Cheers and Beers - Warhammer's Keg End Event Returns

Warhammer Online’s holiday event makes its return this week with festive events, prizes, and frothy beverages.

Celebrate the dwarven New Year in Warhammer Online this week with the return of the festive Keg End event. This year’s event kicks off on Thursday, December 13th and the festivities will run through Friday, January 4th, 2013. The festive event includes a number of in-game events, new items, fireworks, and certain frothy beverages.

Whether you're letting off fireworks as you charge into RvR or searching for beers on a pub crawl, there's plenty to do for Order and Destruction alike. Search out the Legendary Golden Stein to benefit from its damage boosting aura of Frothy Goodness, or compete with your friends to do the best bit of bragging the Warhammer World has ever seen.

Source: Warhammer Keg End Announcement

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