Warhammer Online Deploys Update 1.4.4 to PTS

Warhammer Online pushes update 1.4.4 to test with a new event, RvR changes and more vanity pet packs.
Warhammer Online’s 1.4.4 update has arrived on PTS bringing with it the return of the Wild Hunt event that will have players testing their skills at tracking and slaying creatures, collecting sacred pelts, trying to find the elusive White Stag and even indulging in a little RvR content to earn some unique rewards.

On the RvR battlefields of the Elf lands, players can risk the Curse of Kurnous and seek access to the Hunter's Vale instanced, six-player dungeon: a mist-shrouded, twilight forest where dwells the embodied Spirit of Kurnous.

1.4.4 also brings a few RvR changes with adjustments to the Open Realm RvR campaigns that add incentives for successfully defending keeps. Scenarios have also shifted once again and new vanity pet packs have been made available.

Check out the 1.4.4 PTS patch notes for all the update details. Be sure to give our second look at the game a peek to learn how things have changed since launch.

Source: Warhammer Online Herald

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