Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

  • 11 New Screenshots!

    The official site for Warhammer Online has been updated with another new batch of screenshots. This time there are 11 wonderful images. These images show different races as well as a look at a fort it seems. Check them out and then stop by Warhammer Ten Ton Hammer and let us know what you think of them!

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    Fri, Sep 22, 2006
  • To specialize or to be everything to everyone?

    Should hybrids have rights? In this week's common content article Ratboy examines the art of balancing 'jack of all trade' classes against the standard 'holy trinity' of gaming classes. Should the hybrid classes be put in camps to seclude them, or should they be accepted. Ratboy discusses.

    Classes in any standard MMO are usually divided amongst the ‘holy trinity’ of classes (Fighter, Healer, Mage) and whatever other classes are added are usually hybrids of these specific classes. The Warhammer World is a good example of a place where classes could be incorporated as singly specified or as having a more broad range of abilities and acting more of a hybrid class. So the question becomes; what is better? Are players who can do a little of everything more practical then the player who has spent his entire gaming career leveling up as just a fighter? Read on and I’ll explain the pitfalls of this scenario.

    Head over and read more. Do you agree with Ratboy? Think he's missed the mark? Let him know in the Warhammer Ten Ton Hammer forums.

    Mon, Sep 18, 2006
  • Cliff Notes, Ten Ton Hammer Style

    All of the Zone & Class overviews at the TenTonHammer Warhammer site have been updated with a new section entitles "Ten Ton Thoughts". These 'Cliff Notes' are for those who want the quick information on the applicable zone or class. So if you're uninterested in pages & pages of background, here's a quick two second read on all our classes!

    The Shaman channels the primal bloodlust of the Greenskins into effects both beneficial and baleful. He keeps the lads up and running far beyond their normal capabilities and calls down the wrath of the twin deities, Gork and Mork, onto his enemies.

    Get clicking to read more! Think we left something out? Like how this is set up? Letus know in the forums at Warhammer Ten Ton Hammer!

    Fri, Sep 15, 2006
  • Still Thinking...

    Still thinking on an army to pick for Warhammer Fantasy, Ratboy continues the discussion as to what he should play. Between the infamous & improper suggestions of Yiffing and other more gamer related thoughts, Ratboy vows to make a choice.

    So by now most of you should assume that I’ve finished choosing what new army I’m going to play for Warhammer Fantasy, and to tell you the straight up truth; I haven’t. I have no idea what army I am going to play for this new edition of Fantasy as I’ve been pulled in several different directions by the advice of different players and friends. So this week’s entry will continue my plight of trying to pick a Fantasy army.

    Get clicking to learn more! Are you waiting to play WAR? Tell us about it in the forums at Warhammer Ten Ton Hammer.

    Fri, Sep 08, 2006
  • What To Play...

    This week's common content article looks at the different games that Warhammer Online fans have been keeping themselves occupied with over the past few months since Warhammer Online has been announced. The prediction is good for Games-Workshop, and good for Blizzard!? Read on to find why...

    Another Common Content article ahoy! This week I’m supposed to talk about what games the players of Warhammer Online are also involved with. Kind of an easy topic when you realize the entire following that Warhammer has gained over the past several years of its existence. So what do Warhammer Online fans play right now? Well time to take a look!

    Keep reading to see what Ratboy discovered. Have you joined the Warhammer Ten Ton Hammer Community yet? Why not! Head over and register, it just takes a moment. Then you can jump on into the forums and share your thoughts on this and all your favorite MMOs!

    Mon, Sep 04, 2006
  • Road to 7th Edition Episode #1 Poll

    To go along with Episode #1 of the 'Road to 7th Edition' article series, Ratboy has posted a new poll requesting reader input on what army he should choose for his new project. This means that you get to voice your thoughts on what evil road Ratboy should pursue in his plans of madness.

    Check out the forum thread at Warhammer Ten Ton Hammer and give Ratboy a vote and some thoughts to go along with it. Consider it your charitable act for the day!

    Mon, Sep 04, 2006
  • Road to 7th Edition Episode 1: "Ratboy's Big Mistake"

    A new series of articles begins for the Warhammer Online site. This article series tells the story of poor Ratboy getting sucked into another Warhammer Fantasy Battles army. Starting with the all important decision of what he should play, episode #1 looks at the armies of Warhammer Fantasy.

    WARNING: This article and the associated articles are not directly related to Warhammer Online, and are instead more geared towards Warhammer Fantasy Battles. So if you are not a fan of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, this may not be the article for you. Of course you’re still going to read it… come on… chicken…

    Get clicking to read more. Stop by the growing Warhammer Ten Ton Hammer community and share your thoughts int he forums on this and all your favorite MMOs.

    Thu, Aug 31, 2006
  • Mount Bloodhorn Zone Overview

    It seems in his quest to get the zone guides up, Ratboy left out the ever-important first announced zone of Bloodhorn Mountain. Detailed now with Mythic's information and pretty pictures, players can get a sense of what exactly they can expect when adventuring in this zone. Also if you click the link you get pie!

    Decades ago, an Imperial expedition set out to establish a profitable trade route to the lands far south of the Empire. Unfortunately, the expedition suffered one hardship after another. The terrain was treacherous and the wagons were constantly in need of repair. Supplies ran short, and the caravan was frequently attacked by packs of wolves and bands of brigands.

    Get clicking to learn more at Warhammer Ten Ton Hammer.

    Tue, Aug 29, 2006
  • Warhammer Shows Off At PAX took time to preview the upcoming Warhammer Online while they attended PAX. Did they find it a sure hit or a flop in the making? Keep reading to find out...

    The EA Mythic booth was packed by gamers gathered around the wide screen showing the cinematic trailer and laptops allowing them to get hands-on time with the races currently at a demonstrable stage.

    At E3, Warhammer had already shown the Greenskins and the Dwarven races, and according to Content Designer John Cox they were showing off was the development of the UI and the Career Advancement; otherwise known as character development.

    Each character will have three areas of skills to build. They are core, specialization and secondary abilities and points are awarded in each category as your character advances.

    Get clicking to read the full preview. Is Warhammer Online shaping up to be the game you've been waiting for? Tell us all about it in the growing Warhammer Ten Ton Hammer community forums! We're waiting to hear from you.

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    Tue, Aug 29, 2006
  • Zones and Images!

    Not only did our team at Warhammer Ten Ton Hammer update their new community site today with class updates and images, but they have updates and images for four zones as well! Don't miss out...keep reading.

    Ekrund is the first zone we are looking at today.

    Amid the rocky slopes of Ekrund, the Dwarfs long ago built a great mining fortress that fell to their hated enemies, the Orcs and Goblins. As the Age of Reckoning dawns, Dwarf forces have made a determined push into the Dragonback Mountains, reclaiming the fortress at Ekrund and claiming a tenuous foothold in the lands surrounding it.

    Next we find ourselves in the The Badlands.

    'The Badlands' is the name given to the arid, rocky country that lies between the Worlds Edge Mountains and the Dragonback Mountains. To the north of the Badlands lie the Black Gulf and the Blood River, and to the south, the Blind River and the Marshes of Madness.

    Barak Varr is the next stop on this tour of zones.

    Barak Varr is the lone seaport of the Dwarf lands, and has long been a key commercial center of the Old World. The lion's share of goods exported from Barak Varr to places such as Tilea, Bretonnia, and the Empire pass through the city's heavily-fortified docks.

    Finally, we come to the Marshes of Madness.

    The Mourkain were a culture steeped in death and decay, destined for an unsavory end from the moment that their leader Kadon first discovered the corpse of King Alcadizaar of Khemri along the banks of the Blind River. The fallen king still gripped the sorcerous Crown of Nagash tightly in his hand.

    Where else can you find all the information on Warhammer Online and all your favorite MMOs? Join the newest community on the network at Warhammer Ten Ton Hammer today!

    Tue, Aug 29, 2006
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