WildStar Devs Give Thanks to the Community with a Song

 WildStar developers celebrate Thanksgiving by turning one community member’s poem into a song to thank the community.

Over the last few weeks WildStar Wednesday has revealed more about the story of the Cassian rebellion against the Dominion. Following the release of the BrightlandÂ’s Rebellion story, WildStar fan Dyraele wrote and posted a poem to fansite WildStar Central titled A Traitor's Whim. The team over at Carbine caught sight of the poem and began to pass it around the studio and inevitably got the band together (quite literally) and turned the poem into a song.

You can read DyraeleÂ’s poem on the WildStar Central forums. Check out the video below to see how the WildStar team turned it into a song for the fans.

Source: WildStar - A Day of Thanks

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