WildStar Heads Into Closed Beta 3 with New Patch Notes

WildStar raises the level cap and brings on the faction on faction PvP with the third closed beta.

ItÂ’s time for a WildStar beta update. Carbine Studios has announced that the third closed beta phase for WildStar gets underway this week and there are plenty of new things for testers to break on the way.

TodayÂ’s update also includes the latest new details and patch notes for WildStarÂ’s latest beta phase. It will probably come as no surprise, but characters have been wiped for this phase. On the content end, there are lots of new things to tinker with this phase starting with an increase to the level cap to 36, a new battleground, new zones, housing changes, rated battlegrounds and arenas, and more. The big part of the update opens up both Exile and Dominion factions for play along with the option to flag your character for open-world PvP.

As is customary with beta tests, expect players to find new and innovative ways to grief you or break the game. And thatÂ’s really a good thing to do so it can all get fixed now.

If youÂ’re bouncing around the WildStar beta or just curious to see how things are progressing, be sure to check out the latest patch notes.

Source: WildStar Closed Beta 3 Patch Notes

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