WildStar Introduces the Draken

By Stacy Jones -

Earlier this month Carbine Studios announced the races that make up WildStarÂ’s Dominion. Last week we got a peek at the arrogant cassians, but this week WildStar introduces the draken, and theyÂ’re a much different beast entirely. If the cassians are the brains of the dominion then the draken are clearly the brawn. Draken are a warrior race that thrives on the thrill of blood and battle.

Q: Uh, I donÂ’t seem to have any handy. So what can you tell me about the Draken?

A: We are the Draken! Forged in the fires of planet Mikros! For a thousand years we have led the unstoppable war machine of the Dominion military, slaughtering all who dare face us on the field of battle! We are savage! We are UNYIELDING!

Check out the in-character interview with the draken known as Khuvor for more.

Source: Meet the Draken

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