WildStar: Meet the Chua

Carbine introduces WildStar's new Chua race with an in-character interview with Mondo Zax, a scientist with a fatal sense of humor.

Earlier this week Carbine posted an in-character interview with Dr. Lazarin of the Mordesh, one of WildStar’s two newest races. A new interview was recently posted with a member of the other new race, the Chua known as Mondo Zax, a scientist that has a sense of humor with a high fatality rate.

Q: You Chua are also quite notorious for your... sense of humor?
A: Yes! Chua like making people laugh.

Q: Really? I've heard that victims of your pranks suffer a 68% fatality rate.
A: Lies! Fatality rates for pranks NEVER less than 79%!

Psychotic sense of humor aside, the character interview will give you some insight into Mondo’s missing relatives, DRED, and why it’s probably a bad idea to question a Chua.

Source: WildStar: Meet the Chua

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