WildStar Unveils First Issue of Tales from Beyond the Fringe Comic

Carbine reveals the first issue of its new WildStar web comic with Tales from Beyond the Fringe: Mystery and Mayhem.

The term of “transmedia” hasn’t been dropped yet, but WildStar just made the jump to comics. This week WildStar revealed a segment from its new web comic series titled Tales from Beyond the Fringe. Issue #001 titled Mystery and Mayhem, follows the demented schemes of the Mordesh alchemist Victor Lazarin and the somewhat psychotic Chua inventor Mondo Zax.

You can expect to see additional comic segments releasing each Friday until its conclussion. For now, you can check out the first few frames of the new comic on the WildStar website to find out why it’s generally a bad idea to look down on a Chua.

Source: Tales from Beyond the Fringe: Mystery and Mayhem

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