WildStar Wednesday: December State of the Game

Posted Wed, Dec 12, 2012 by Martuk

It’s been roughly eight weeks since the last State of the Game address for WildStar. But this week Executive Producer Jeremy Gaffney returns with a new missive on WildStar’s behind the scenes development. The short: internal testing of raid are underway of which the size of the raid is only described as “big”, a Dominion content reveal is coming early next year along with the start of closed beta in 2013 “when it’s ready”, and the team is also gearing up for a series of new announcements on races, classes, and features, including some new races yet to be revealed.

Gaffney also touched a little on PvP and where that currently stands.

“We've been doing mass PvP playtesting as well for our unannounced PvP elder games - we've had matches of up to 24v24, but that's really small scale for what's to come - this is one of those things that we'll test with our F&F crowd, but really need beta-scale numbers of players to test fully. We'll definitely be inviting some guilds in to play as well, because we want really high-end gamers in there testing out the coordinated attacks needed for both raiding and PvP. If you haven't signed up for beta and given us your guild's contact information, make sure you do so we can get some great group tests going!”

Read more from Gaffney in this week’s WildStar Wednesday.

Source: WildStar Wednesday – State of the Game


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