WildStar Wednesday on Cross-Realm Play

By Stacy Jones -

This weekÂ’s WildStar Wednesday reveals more about what Carbine has planned for cross-realm play in WildStar. For starters, you can talk to any player on any server regardless of what server realm youÂ’re currently logged into. Along with that, WildStar also allows you to group up with friends or find strangers from other realms for instanced content through the group finder. But if youÂ’re not the cross-realm playing type, you can also select to be grouped with players from your realm only.

The system does have some current limitations. Unlike some other games, you canÂ’t trade to cross-server players nor can you guest to another server to explore the open world together, however, when you enter instanced content, your cross-realm group will be able to meet up and play together once again.

"There are some limitations to our systems, however. We sadly canÂ’t allow you to explore the world as a whole with your friends; as the world would quickly become too crowded. But anytime you enter instanced content, whether through battlegrounds, dungeons, arenas, or <REDACTED>, your entire party will all be able to play together.  There is also a limitation on being able to trade items. Because we feel the economy on every realm is very important to maintaining the economic stability of the realm, you cannot trade with your friends from other realms."

Source: WildStar Wednesday – Crossing the Streams

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