WildStar Wednesday Reveals the Luminai

Carbine profiles the creme de la creme of Dominion society with the Eldan-human hybrids known as the Luminai.

This weekÂ’s WildStar Wednesday takes a trek back through the DominionÂ’s lineage to reveal more about the Luminai, a race of Eldan-human hybrids said to be descended from Dominus the Half-Blood, the first emperor of the Dominion. The Luminai hold the highest positions of nobility in the Dominion and are considered by many in the empire to be living proof of the Eldan legacy.

If all of that got your lore senses tweaking, check out this weekÂ’s WildStar Wednesday to learn more about the legacy of the Luminai.

Source: WildStar Wednesday: The Luminai

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