WildStar Wednesday Talks About Core Testers

Posted Wed, Jan 23, 2013 by Martuk

One of Carbine Studios’ most important testing elements for WildStar comes from its Core Tester group, a dedicated group of players that focus heavily on a given area of the game to further refine it for launch. The idea, Carbine admits, was borrowed from ArenaNet.

Our favorite program we decided to adapt (from our friends at ArenaNet, actually) was the concept of a Core Tester program. This small group consists of a core team of rabid testers that get to see the roughest of the rough features, even before those features hit beta. This group has the pleasure of sifting through an ever expanding list of known issues to evaluate our features in their infancy. Their feedback helps us verify that we are on the right track, or clarify what we’ve got to change in order to make a feature functional. 

Carbine began recruiting its core testers at PAX Prime last year, and while many are made up of friends and family, Carbine is actively looking for a few good members to join the core testing group. You're probably wondering how to become a WildStar core tester right about now. Carbine has an answer for that.

If you want to get involved, the best way is to become involved in our community! Participate in weekly WildStar Uplink conversations on Twitter, join the fansite communities around the world, talk with us on Facebook, and interact with any WildStar coverage you see around the web. The more you engage in thoughtful dialogue and constructive criticism around WildStar, the more likely we are to notice your efforts, and respond in kind.

Core Testing can involve testing in closed & open beta, gathering feedback at conventions, onsight testing at Carbine Studios, and more. If you’re one of those dedicated players that enjoys doing the rougher and more frustrating end of testing, check out the latest blog to learn more.

Source: WildStar Wednesday: What is a Core Tester?

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