World of Warships Debuts New Screenshots

Posted Thu, Nov 29, 2012 by Martuk

Wargaming has revealed a new batch of images to showcase the high rendered models and photo-realistic environments of their third installment of the “World of” series with World of Warships. The new images provide a look at several of the game’s scenic environments and ships in action. Give them a look below

WoWS_Vessels_Debut_Pack_Image_01 WoWS_Vessels_Debut_Pack_Image_02 WoWS_Vessels_Debut_Pack_Image_03
WoWS_Vessels_Debut_Pack_Image_04 WoWS_Vessels_Debut_Pack_Image_05 WoWS_Vessels_Debut_Pack_Image_06
WoWS_Vessels_Debut_Pack_Image_07 WoWS_Vessels_Debut_Pack_Image_08 WoWS_Vessels_Debut_Pack_Image_09
WoWS_Vessels_Debut_Pack_Image_10 WoWS_Vessels_Debut_Pack_Image_11 WoWS_Vessels_Debut_Pack_Image_12



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