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Wargaming Pledges Funding Support for Open-Source Development Foundations

By Stacy Jones -

World of Tanks developer Wargaming is doing their part to expand the development of open-source foundations such as Linux, Wikimedia, and Django. WargamingÂ’s press release acknowledges the importance of open-source technologies in the development of World of Tanks and has pledged financial support to help advance technology advancements.

"Wargaming relies heavily on a number of different open-source technologies to help us create our legendary MMO universe, whether it's using Linux to power our servers, Django to build our web project frameworks or Wikimedia to help us in our research efforts," said Maksim Melnikau, Solution Architect at Wargaming. "As a company, we'd like to say thank you to all the developers, testers and users who've helped create these awesome tools and that we're extremely honored to hopefully help them continue their great work moving into the future."

Source: Wargaming Press Release

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