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The Burning Crusade is Blizzard’s first retail expansion for their infamous World of Warcraft. Including two new races, flying mounts, a new profession, an entire new continent full of content, and so much more.

It is currently retailing between $39.99 USD and $49.99 USD and is available at most online and offline video game retailers. The collectors edition, a very hard to find item, retails at around $70 USD. The Burning Crusade DOES require an original World of Warcraft active account in order to play. There are no additional subscription fees.

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The following is a small list of the available features within The Burning Crusade:

  • Two new races, the Blood Elves (Horde) and the Draenei.
  • The level-cap raised to level 70.
  • An entire new continent, known as Outland, containing tons of new quests, instances, and loot for levels 58-70.
  • A brand new profession, Jewelcrafting.
  • Ability to purchase flying mounts at level 70 (for 1000g) which allow access to areas in the sky.
  • New high level instances (in and outside of Outland) that range from 5 to 25 players.
  • New selectable dungeon difficulty on some instances.
  • Tons of new quests and loot to collect.
  • New high level spells and profession recipes.

Are you prepared to fight the Burning Legion once more, for the glory of Azeroth? Then get ready for "The Burning Crusade" which is currently in a store near you!

As a note, the client currently comes on 4 CDs and is differnt then your original client. The CE edition does give access to additional goodies, but none of them directly involved with gameplay. You must have the expansion to take advantage of expansion only content.

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Outland Zone and Instance Guides

Hellfire Peninsula (58-63) Zangarmarsh

Hellfire Citadel

Coilfang Reservoir

Terokkar Forest (62-65) Nagrand (64-67)


Shattrath City

No instances in Nagrand

Blade's Edge Mountains (65-68) Shadowmoon Valley (67-70)

Gruul's Lair (Raid Instance)

The Black Temple (Raid Instance)

Netherstorm (67-70)

Burning Crusade Instances
  • The Mechanar (Level 69-72)
  • The Botanica (Level 70-72)
  • The Arcatraz (Level 70-72)
  • The Eye (Raid)

Caverns of Time


Archieved (Beta) Resources

These are resources from the beta. They may or may not still be viable.

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