Top 5 WoW Storylines Sure to Cause a Facepalm

Five story lines encountered in World of Warcraft that are sure to cause some facepalm action.

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World of Warcraft is a game full of intersecting story lines. Each one leads our characters (and ourselves) down a path of discovery as we illuminate more and more of this elaborate web. While most of these story lines flow smoothly and fit well into the game, others cause us to shake our heads and wonder what the heck just happened. Check out five of the in game story lines that have made us facepalm in our play time below and see if they match up with any of your own!

Keristrazsa and Malygos

Off the coast of the Borean Tundra lies Colderra, a pretty large quest hub for the zone. While most of the story line here goes along pretty well, a major part of it leaves us scratching our heads. At some point in time your character will stumble upon Keristraza, who has been held prisoner by Malygos up until this point. Once you bust her out you find out that this girl dragon is bent on revenge.

Of course you agree to help her, already knowing that the blue dragonflight are the enemy here on Colderra. This is when things get a little crazy. Her plan involves you killing off Malygos' consort, then burning it to attract his attention. This of course should immediately send of danger warnings, because dragons are pretty scary creatures right? Apparently this though of danger never entered Keristrazsa's mind because after the burning of the corpse and the calling of Malygos she has no plan what so ever. This of course leads her to being captured and forced to become Malygos' consort herself.

The whole storyline basically left me scratching my head and wondering if that really just happened. Nothing like a terrible plan involving murder, being captured, and some implied forced dragon sex to start off your day.

Gallywix and the Goblins

If you have already played the Goblin quest line then you know that Gallywix is a terrible dude. The nefarious schemes he pulled before, after, and during the destruction of the Goblin island were nothing short of despicable. Honestly, this guy is so nasty he probably needs to be put away in a nice remote prison somewhere.

Of course that is not what happens. Here is how it all goes down. Thrall runs into the Goblin survivors and basically witnesses first hand some of Gallywix's nasty schemes. Thrall is of course outraged and condemns the schemes and actually has to help defeat Gallywix by the end of the story line. At this point I totally expected Thrall to at the very least tell Gallywix to hit the road and never show his face again. Instead Thrall pulls a total 180 and promotes Gallywix to leader of the Goblins and calls it a day. I know I was left with my jaw lying on the floor. Seriously, what the heck Thrall?

Gallywix Goblin

A Little Patience

A little Patience is a scenario added in the Mists of Pandaria expansion. Here players head in with King Varian Wrynn to resolve a showdown between the infamous Tyrande Whisperwind and a small detachment of Horde warriors. The title of the scenario comes into play as Varian Wrynn preaches to Tyrande that she must have patience instead of just rushing headlong into things.

Here lies the problem. Not only is it a bit hypocritical for Varian to preach patience to anyone, considering some of the crazy things he has done, but especially to Tyrande. I mean ladies and gentleman Tyrande is an ages old elf who has been part of the diplomatic scene before Varian was even born. I think it is safe to say she knows a thing or two about patience and not making rash choices. Sure Varian is the King, but really, this story line just rang a wrong note for me.


Gilneas is the homeland of the Worgen and as I started playing through it I thought it was really well done. Things fit into place, the pace was fast without seeming rushed and the story line was pretty interesting. A real treat, especially for those of us who had been waiting for Gilneas for a long time. That is until all hell broke loose. In comes Sylvanas and the rest of the Forsaken and Gilneas is wrentched from our grasp before we even get to really enjoy it.

The worst part of the whole scenario is that despite the fact that it is only Sylvanas acting, no one seems to have any intention of retaking the Worgen homeland. Not even after gaining the support of the rest of the Alliance have the Worgen made any attempts to take their homeland. In fact, after joining the Alliance, the Worgen have pretty much fallen out of the spotlight altogether with very little story development at all.



I am going to be honest when I say that the entire Deathwing/Cataclysm thing never really worked for me. I was excited to see a landscape change and even more excited to see the big bad Deathwing in action, but it really managed to fall short of any expectations I had. Deathwing is supposed to be this really intelligent, manipulative, mad schemer that in the past has caused some major chaos in the world. Then suddenly he emerges this time and goes all super derp on us?

Deathwing in Cataclysm was predicable and way less intimidating than expected. There was none of the mass planning or turning player against player. Deathwing in Cataclym knew how to do one thing and one thing only; smash things. Somehow the ball really got dropped on the story line here where a really cool devious character like Deathwing became so totally uncool.

That concludes our list of the top five story lines in World of Warcraft that will leave you scratching your head. Have you experienced these story lines in game? What did you think of them? What other story lines did you find particularly irritating? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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