Raid Awareness - Top 10 Raiding U.I. Mods

Ready to hit the raiding scene? Use these 10 raiding mods to trick out your raiding experience.

With the launch of Patch 4.5 and the subsequent arrival of the Raid Finder, more players than ever are entering the raiding scene. While the Raid Finder is considering to a very watered down version of raiding, it doesn’t mean that players should come unprepared. Below you will find 10 of the best mods for raiding, that will not only make your Raid Finder experience a more positive one, but will also help you prepare to enter the more hardcore raiding scene if you ever choose to do so.

Top 10 WoW Mods for Raiding

Deadly Boss Mods

No matter if you are casual or hardcore, every raider needs some type of boss mods in their arsenal to be successful. Currently the “it” boss mod, Deadly Boss Mods will ensure that the only reason you die during a boss fight is due to player error. Providing raid warnings and timers for all boss abilities as well as a health bar for all active bosses even players not familiar with a boss fight can manage to look like a pro with Deadly Boss Mod. Deadly Boss Mods also goes the extra mile and provides automatic responses to players who whisper you during a boss fight as well as a raid status update, very handy for guild mates sitting out a raid. Thanks to the excellent features provided by Deadly Boss Mods, this WoW mod easily makes my 10 top list.

Omen Threat Meter

At some point while you are raiding you will find yourself wondering just how much more DPS or healing you can do before you pull threat. Blizzard does indeed provide an in-game threat meter that will do just that, however, most feel it is sub par to some of the WoW mods you can download and use. My personal choice of threat meter is Omen. To help you keep track of your aggro, Omen allows the player to put a handy dandy box on their screen that displays their threat in bar form compared to other nearby players. By using this WoW mod you can easily manage your aggro and avoid those possibly raid killing deaths caused by aggro pulls.


I’m all about being lazy, and OmniCC helps me reinforce this behavior by making managing my cool down timers just a little bit easier. When raiding it is imperative that players make the most out of all their abilities, some of which have cool downs large and small. Sure your standard Blizzard frames already provide something similar with items, spells, and abilities going dark then progressively getting lighter as it the cool down counts down, but OmniCC does it one better. This WoW mod will add digital cool downs to the standard Blizzard interface. This WoW mod makes it so the player can easily see when their cool downs will be up making them more effective, productive players.


Though they have vastly improved over the years, lets face it, Blizzard’s raid frames simply won’t do. The WoW mod Grid is a party/raid unit frame addon that attempts to display as much information as possible for the player without going overboard. Reflective of it’s name Grid places a compact grid of units on the players screen that easily allows them to view group member’s health, mana, incoming buffs, range, buffs and debuffs, and even ready checks right out of the box. While some players find Grid to be intimidating, after some practice this WoW mod can easily become beloved companion and once you become comfortable with Grid you can customize it to display almost anything you desire. Adding this WoW mod to your WoW mods collection will almost never be considered a mistake.


Clique is a super simple addon that allows you to easily set up hover-casting on your unit frames and the rest of the game world. That’s right…no more nasty macros or using the outdated process of clicking each individual button then clicking the target you wish to cast it on. With this WoW mod you can you can set up almost any mouse or keyboard combination to a spell or pre made macro. This allows the player to be quicker than ever before when selecting what spell to cast and whom to cast it on. If you are intrigued by Grid (mentioned above) then you MUST have Clique to go along with it. Although you can use one or the other these WoW mods work together in a way few mods do each enhancing the use of the other.

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Wondering why that player has died for what seems like the billionth time in a row? Or just want to be able to stroke your epeen a little when you do some uber damage or healing during a raid? This WoW mod will allow you to do both and more! Recount is a raid analysis tool that players can use to get a better idea of their raids performance. Using this data to pinpoint problems players can improve total raid performance. Displaying useful information like total healing, damage, reason for deaths, and more this WoW mod is definitely a must have. Recount is easy to configure and use even the most novice player will find themselves able to use this WoW mod and benefit from it.


Quartz is a cast bar replacement mod. Now you might be thinking “why do I need to replace my castbar?”. The answer to that question is the same as it almost always is, while Blizzard’s standard cast bar is alright, it could use some improvement and Quartz does just that. The cast bar that comes with the game is pretty much in the what you see is what you get category and you cannot really customize. Quartz does everything the standard cast bar does and more. Including allowing you to make your cast bar your own by changing the size, text, colors, and icon positioning of your cast bar. While making your cast bar is all fine and dandy the real reason this WoW mod has made my list is because it does other handy things like displays a tiny bar to show your global cool down near the cast bar, shows vividly when your cast has been interrupted, displays a swing timer, and most importantly displays your latency in the form of a bar at the end of the casting bar. This latency bar allows the player to accommodate for lag and therefore perform betting in a raid setting.


Afflictions are the bane of every WoW raid. These nasty little buggers can kill your entire raid in a blink of an eye and leave you wondering wtf just happened if they aren’t removed in a timely fashion. Thankfully Decursive makes removing afflictions from yourself and your allies as easy as point and click. Supporting all classes with cleansing abilities this WoW mod configures itself to your toon automatically and will work straight out of the box. Appearing as a set of boxes on your screen, each representing an ally, these boxes will light up as a player is affected by an affliction your class can cure. To remove this affliction you need only to use the appropriate click on the box and pow affliction gone! Decursive…don’t raid without it.


Ever wish you could tell how much better one piece of gear was over another at a glance? Now you can with the WoW mod RatingBuster. RatingBuster sets out to give players as much information as possible about an item so you can decide easily for yourself which item is better for you. Simply bring up the details of one item and it will automatically compare it to the item you currently have on. Worried about what will happen when you add gems to that item? Don’t! RatingBuster also allows the player to auto fill in gem sockets making this the best tool to help you choose the best gear. So stop agonizing over which piece of gear is better for you and download this nifty WoW mod today.


Blizzard’s standard action bars are clunky and not exactly easy to customize and because of this they can actually make it harder for you to find spells, abilities, and items while you raid, thus they must be replaced. The WoW mod of my choice here is Bartender. Easy to use and totally customizable Bartender can shape your U.I. in ways you never thought possible. Want your bars to be half the size of your screen? Done. Need a bar in an odd place? Done. While an action bar mod will never make you or break you when It comes to raiding it can certainly make things much easier to manage. So go ahead, try out Bartender and experience the difference for yourself. I’m willing to bet you never go back to Blizzard standard bars again.

The boss mods provided above are, of course, based solely on my opinion alone. While I have personally tried them all and feel they are some of the best mods out there, some players may feel differently. So feel free to share your favorite raiding mods with myself and the community in the comments section below!

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