Top 5 Ways to Make Gold at the Launch of MIsts of Pandaria

Want to make a fortune at Mist of Pandaria's launch? Check out these 5 tried and true money making methods that are sure to be a success.

It is said that there is money to be made in both the uprising and eventual fall of any civilization. This same principle holds true in the ending and beginning of any World of Warcraft expansion. While players are cashing in now as the light of Cataclysm slowly fades, the same came be done when Mists of Pandaria comes rushing in. Wondering how you can make your fortunes in Mists of Pandaria? Wonder no more! Below you will find the top 5 money making methods to be used at the start of any expansion and beyond!

Top 5 Ways to Make Gold in Mists of Pandaria


Even though the very mention of farming makes many of us shudder, it is one of the best ways to make gold, especially at the release of a new expansion. Those with enough gumption and get out there and get farming the new materials in Mists of Pandaria will find themselves sitting on a potential gold mine. Cloth, herbs, ore, leather, and even cooking materials, it doesn’t matter what it is, everybody will be out to buy it.

Players who level their gathering professions, such as Mining and Skinning, will be able to sell the collected materials for large amounts of gold.

Used in the leveling of professions as well as the creation of gear and other useful items for leveling, the demand for crafting materials at the start of an expansion is almost at a frenzy. Those ambitious players who get out there first will literally be able to name their price until other players manage to get in on the game. So be sure to get out there and save yourself from missing out on this gold making opportunity!

Daily Quests

Much like farming, daily quests (quests that can be completed once a day) are something that players tend to either love or hate. However, in Mists of Pandaria, daily quests have the potential to make us some serous gold, far more gold than has ever been made in this fashion before. Unlike any other expansion before it, Mists of Pandaria will lift the cap on daily quests. This means that players can do daily quests until there fingers cramp from the effort if they so wish and make a good profit in the process. With literally hundreds (according to Blizzard) of daily quests to choose from in Mists, daily quests could become a literal gold mine that can be tapped every day without fail. Still not sure if daily quests are for you? Remember, along with gold it is likely that players will be able to earn valor as well, making daily quests even more profitable in more ways than one.


If you are looking for something a bit simpler when it comes to making gold in Mists of Pandaria this next item on our top 5 list may be for you. One thing has been consistent throughout every World of Warcraft expansion pack; the need to level your character. Amazing enough, there is much gold to be had during the leveling process. While leveling you will complete quests, loot mobs, and run instances all of which will award your character more than a little gold, not to mention the items pick up that you can sell. Also, if your character happens to have a gathering profession, leveling is the perfect time to pick up some materials to throw on the Auction House. A new expansion is a great time for new characters to level too. Not only do they also receive gold and items to sell as they level, those that take the time to gather low level crafting materials along the way will find, much like their high level cousins, that there is an excellent market for them.

With the new Pet Battle System, vanity pets will be a hot selling item in Mists of Pandaria.

During the middle and end of an expansion crafting really takes a turn for the worse. With that being said, at the start of an expansion crafting all but explodes with life. With new materials and new patterns players are ready to buy, buy, buy, almost any decent piece of gear, potion, or enchant that will at least temporarily aid their character. Advertise your services in trade chat or simply place useful items on the Auction House and watch the gold roll in. To max out your gold making potential here, be sure to max out your crafting skills as soon as possible. Those players who can make items first can enjoy the luxury of naming their own prices.

Vanity Pets

As we all know, in Mists of Pandaria pets won’t be just for vanity any longer. With the new pet battle system players can get out there and in true Pokemon style battle their pets against other pets. This means that when the expansion rolls around it is highly likely that vanity pets of all types will see a surge in value. To make some easy cash players only need to collect or craft BoE pets now, to be placed on the Auction House once the expansion releases. Assuming that the pet battle system will be a success, your stockpile of collected pets should sell quickly and earn you some quick cash. After the expansion is released the pet selling business can be continued, however, with perhaps less success.

Do you have any sure fire ways to make gold in Mists of Pandaria other than the ones mentioned above? Be sure to share them with us in the comments section below! Happy gold making!

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