Top Ten Ways Tanks Fail in WoW

By Byron Mudry -

How many times have you jumped into an instance only to find out that your time would have been spent performing some painful self-surgery, like a frontal lobotomy, due to an absolutely horrible tank ruining the whole run. You know we have all run across them. Join us as we take a look at the top ten ways tanks fail in wow.

Charging for Random Queues – While I know there is a tank shortage, and I can understand how some players would be tempted, this is completely bad form. I play two different tanks, a healer, and DPS. I would never, ever charge someone for a queue. It is extremely bad form and shows once again the above mentioned ego. Hey, I know I could charge for my tanking services, everyone I group with loves me as a tank, but I never ever would.

You can find the whole list here: Top Ten Ways Tanks Fail in WoW.

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