Top 5 Random Acts of Kindness to Attempt in WoW

Five ideas for random acts of kindness you can perform in game.


World of Warcraft can be a brutal place. You may be made fun of, criticized, trolled, or experience tons of other nasty things while in game. With that being said, this is far from the norm. There are plenty of nice players who play the game. However, even the nicest player can find themselves falling into the trap of being not so nice. It is so easy to fall into this routine, especially while sitting behind the safety of a computer screen. In fact, one of the main complaints

In fact, one of the main complaints of new players is that they feel like outcasts and that the player base of World of Warcraft is made up of nasty types. Kindness can go a long way, even in a video game and if we take the time to be kind to just one other player it could go a long way to make the game a friendlier place for everyone. Random acts of kindness are all the rage nowadays. People everywhere head out into the wide world and do nice things for total strangers with no expectation of a thank you. So why not take this trend into the gaming world?

Below you will find 5 random acts of kindness that you can do while you are in game. Trust me when I say that doing any of these will make you feel great!

Heal in a Battleground

When entering a battleground setting like the classic Alterac Valley or the much newer versions such as Deepwind Gorge, it is easy to get swept up in the moment. We want to destroy the enemy and shot, stab, blow apart, or otherwise take part in the killing process. Healing in these types of settings seems to be a dull option by far.


However, healing is just as important (and can secure a win) as much as taking out enemies. It keeps your allies alive and kicking that much longer and while they may not say it, a heal is really appreciated. So take a step back from the action and decide to spend a few PvP matches just healing. It will be a pleasant surprise to those around you, beneficial to your entire team, and an easy act of kindness you can complete without a ton of work.

Resurrect a Random

We've all witnessed it. A random player of our faction struggling to kill a mob and eventually losing the battle. Perhaps we were too far away or maybe we were engaged in our own battle, but we just didn't make it in time to save them. As their corpse lies sadly on the ground it is pretty easy to walk away at this point and leave them to make the walk of shame themselves. While graveyard locations have gotten better, some of those walks are still a pretty long trek.

So instead of walking away, how about throwing a rez to that unfortunate player. Of course you can only do this if your class permits. It only takes a few seconds of your time and will be much appreciated by the player and will give you that warm fuzzy feeling deep inside. Nothing like an act of kindness that will only cost you a few seconds and some mana.

Run an Outdated Instance

There is nothing more annoying than random players whispering you to run an instance. Especially when that instance is far below your level and pretty outdated in terms of gear for you. With that being said, when you consider how cool it would be to have a high level player zoom you through an instance at the speed of light, you can kind of understand why these types of whispers happen.

Ragefire Chasm

So, for this random act of kindness it will be required of you to make some low level players dreams come true. Pick a low level instance and advertise through whatever means you feel like using that you will run low levels through. Get a group and do the instance. While it may make you want to eyeroll, it won't take you much time to blow through it and you will be making several low level players very, very happy. Not to mention that you might find yourself becoming slightly nostalgic as you wander places you haven't been inside in quite awhile. Run one instance or several, either way you can check another one off the list for a random act of kindness in World of Warcraft.

Donate Materials

We all have that one person we know who is desperately trying to collect materials to make an awesome item. They dedicate time, money, and tons of effort to the process and never seem to get tired of it. While part of the satisfaction of having such an item is earning the materials yourself, sometimes it is nice to have a helping hand.

So the next time you see someone in your guild, a friend, or even a complete stranger, looking for materials or a cooldown that you have on hand consider offering them to them. Totally free. Sure you could probably make money off these materials, but sometimes giving something expecting nothing in return provides us the best kind of reward. Try to shut off that little portion of your mind that tells you that you should force them to pay for this and you will probably find, after witnessing their happiness, that you won't be sorry that you did.

Throw a Buff

Doing nice things doesn't always mean you have to do something big and extravagant. In fact some of the best acts of kindness in and out of game are small ones. That is where the final idea on our list comes in. Buffs are easy to dish out, cost you relatively nothing, and can be beneficial to almost everyone in the game. So why not make it your goal to throw a buff to at least a few players a day? It will improve their play experience and more than likely cause them to pause and think “Hey! That was really nice!”. It may also encourage them to do the same for other players starting a chain of buffing goodness.

Blessing of Kings

That concludes our choices for 5 random acts of kindness you can perform easily in game. What acts of kindness do you typically find yourself taking part in? What acts of kindness have been performed for you? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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