That Really Grinds My Gears: Top 5 Pet Peeves in World of Warcraft

Five little in-game annoyances that manage to successfully grind the gears of many players.

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In the famous words of Peter Griffin, “you know what really grinds my gears”? In the real world, there are many things; people who can't park, taking more than one or two pennies from the penny cup, hangnails, and the barking of small yappy dogs, just to name a few. The virtual world is no different, holding tons of tiny pet peeves that have vexed myself and the rest of the World of Warcraft community since the creation of the game.

These small breaches of conduct are nothing serious, however, they are enough to make most players headdesk in frustration. There are probably literally thousands of tiny pet peeves we each have in World of Warcraft, but some stand out above the rest. Here are my personal top five picks for the biggest pet peeves in World of Warcraft:

Top 5 Pet Peeves in World of Warcraft

Standing on NPCs and/or Mailboxes

Let me set the scene for you: you are innocently wandering into town to turn in a quest, or maybe you want to mail off some items. You casually stroll up to the NPC or mailbox you desire and attempt to click on it only to discover that it has been overrun by another player. Even worse is when it is not just one player, but a whole horde of them. You click and click some more to no avail. You just can't turn in that quest or open that mailbox no matter how hard you try. The player(s) don't move, you are stuck waiting and growing more and more frustrated by the minute.

I understand that it is easy to accidentally cover up an NPC or mailbox, but it is really worth the little effort it would take to avoid it. No one likes waiting around because some inconsiderate person couldn't stand in front of the thing and not on top of it. Of course, some people do this just to spite other players, usually on top of giant mounts. As for those players, well...there just might be a special place in gaming hell waiting for them.

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Trade Chat

Everyone in Trade Chat. You know who you are and the rest of the World of Warcraft community knows exactly what I am talking about. Nothing more really needs to be said. Trade Chat has become the Barrens Chat of all major cities. No one in the history of the channel has used actually used it for it's intended purpose and those that do are quickly run out of the channel. Trade Chat is a cesspool of trolls like no other, full of bad jokes, snarky remarks, and the occasional racial slur. Nothing grinds my gears quite like Trade Chat, which is why I have either left the channel or totally and utterly pretend it doesn't exist on nearly all of my characters.

Standing in Fire

Standing in fire or any other nasty thing on the ground during a raid or dungeon is one pet peeve that just refuses to go away. Sure, there are occasions where it is totally accidental or can' t be avoided, but most of the time there is just no excuse. It seems that some players are just magnetically drawn to anything that will kill them or are determined to get themselves killed in the quickest way possible.

I firmly believe that even if bad stuff on the ground was impossible not to notice, there would still be some poor soul who would manage to miss it somehow. I am not by any means saying I am perfect, I have stood in fire, lava, and even poison on more than a few occasions. However, I do try to avoid it. Others seem to embrace the hurt and I am left shaking my head and wondering if they just can't see the things they are standing in or they just don't care.

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There is always that one person, you know the one I'm talking about, he or she is in some kind of big hurry and tries to rush the raid along. Every time they type it is to chastise the raid for being slow or to offer up some tidbit of brilliant advice like “MOVE FASTER” or “GOGOGOGOGO”, because yelling these things at the raid will totally speed things up.

Sometimes these characters even take matters into their own hands and decide to pull mobs and bosses on their own, even if they aren't the tank. Usually, they are left to die and the whole raid secretly LOL. Who needs to be in this big of a hurry? No one, and if you are, you should at least try to be polite about it. Those that do this earn many a death stare from behind various computer screens.

Ready Check?

Another raid based pet peeve is the missed ready check. How hard is it to click “ready” on a ready check? According to my personal experiences, pretty darn hard. You know every time a ready check is thrown up, someone is going to miss it, even if they aren't AFK. The excuses for this vary; picking their nose, petting the dog, or rearranging their bags, but someone will always miss it. The worst part is, ready checks take time to actually end.

So not only is your raid is left waiting, but you eventually discover, after the end of the ready check, that the person was not AFK after all. /Facepalm. This means another ready check, which could mean another person (or the same one) will miss it once again and thus the viscous cycle continues.

That wraps up my list of personal picks of pet peeves in World of Warcraft. What are some small, albeit annoying, things that really grind your gears in the game? Do any of your picks match mine? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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