Mists of Pandaria Beta - Character Copy Tips and Tricks

Be sure that your character is prepared for the big move to the Mists of Pandaria beta with these useful tips and tricks.

With 200,000 more Mists of Pandaria invites being thrown out to World of Warcraft fans recently, this newest beta is in full swing. If you were like me, the first thing on your list was to head over to the freshly revamped character creation screen and make your very own Pandaren, probably a Monk, and check out this adorable race’s starting zone. However, competing with all the new pandas out there for this territory may get a bit exhausting.

Instead of spending more time in another starting zone with a low level beta character, you may consider taking the route of the character copy. While there are pre-made toons out there, most of us feel more at home working with what we know; our own characters. Besides landing us in our warm and fuzzy comfort zone, using one of our own toons as our character copy to the Mists of Pandaria beta grants us another benefit; the ability to come prepared.

Mists of Pandaria Beta Character Copy Tips and Tricks

Get Gold...Lots Of Gold

If you have ever checked out any Auction House on the beta servers you will notice that everything, from enchanting materials to simple foods is extraordinarily overpriced. Even the recent Mega Millions lottery winners would cringe at these prices. While these purchases are not necessary, it never hurts to bring along some extra cash. Use your character copy wisely and transfer as much gold as possible to your toon before the process takes place. Once the character copy has taken place you can relinquish this accumulated wealth back to whence it came.

Clean Your Bags
Items in the mailbox should be removed before using the beta character copy function.

Trust me when I tell you that you won’t need that quest item you’ve been hoarding from level 52 on the beta realms, nor will you need your tuxedo that you carry around just for laughs. Once your character copy is complete (or before it even takes place) remove all items from your bags that are not totally necessary to your game play. Remember, the beta is a place for us to test things out and that is much easier accomplished with a ton of bag space at your disposal.

Empty that Mailbox

If you are like me, even with all the additional storage space Blizzard has provided us with, sometimes the mailbox still gets used as an extra bag. While doing a character copy to the Mists of Pandaria beta there is no rule stating that you must empty out this particular clutter, it is probably a good idea to do so anyways. Having a full mailbox could potentially cause glitches and errors in the character copy process. Remember, there is a reason Blizzard won’t transfer your toons unless that box is empty! Apply the same rule to the character copy process to avoid any mishaps.

Copy Keybinds and Macros

While you can’t take your addons with you, there is no reason you can’t take your key bindings and macros. While they won’t transfer automatically with your character you can either copy and paste them all to wordpad and then recreate them once your character is on the beta. If that seems like too much work you can also follow this simple method instead:

Log onto the beta server with your freshly copied character then immediately log back out. Open your World of Warcraft game folder and find the WTF folder inside. Inside the WTF folder will be an Account folder, and inside that select the realm your character is on and then your toon’s name. Inside this folder you will see a folder labeled “SavedVariables” as well as some other files. Copy this folder and all its contents then seek out your World of Warcraft Beta Folder. Once you have found this folder, follow the same path as above WTF/Account/Realm/Charactername, and paste everything you copied here. When you relog onto the beta you will find that all your macros are happily waiting for you.

Check Void Storage
Check Void Storage for useful items like extra bags.

Currently items in your Void Storage are not copying along to the Mists of Pandaria beta. So be sure to check this area for items that you may need or want in the future and place them in your bags. While this area is typically used for long term storage of items that you probably don’t use on a daily basis, it never hurts to be sure. Don’t think of an items usefulness based solely on the character you are copying, also keep in mind the needs of any characters you have created already on the beta realm.

Bring the Heirlooms, Bags, and a Mount

While there are many things you should potentially put in your bags, Heirloom items should top the list, especially if you have already created one of the adorable pandas. While you may decide to hold off using these items till after you get the total 1-10 Pandaren experience, you will be thankful for them later on. Leveling, and ultimately testing out the various aspects of the beta, is just easier when you have great gear to go along with it.

Along with the Heirlooms, players should also be sure to have bags and a mount (a BOA version) in their bags. Pandas do not have mounts, so unless you want to spend your time running from place to place, try to get your hands on any of the BOA mounts available in game and place it in your bags for transfer. Also bring along bags, lots and lots of bags. As mentioned before, things are ridiculously expensive on the beta so purchasing large bags may be out of reach and is almost silly when you can just copy yourself some over. Be sure these two items have a prominent spot in your bags before you hit the Mists of Pandaria beta.

By using the tips and tricks above, players who choose to character copy are sure to be able to enjoy the Mists of Pandaria beta free of regrets. Do you have any additional tips or tricks relating to copying your character to the beta servers? Please be sure to share them with the rest of the community by posting them in the comments section below!

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