Naxxramas Loot

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Non-Boss Loot

Boots of the Escaped Captive
25-Man Naxx

Best Class: Resto or Balance Druid

Notes: These boots are better for Restoration than they are for Balance.

10-Man Naxx

Best Class: Holy Priest

Notes: Contortion is best for a holy priest as they benefit the most from the MP5.

Haunting Call
25-Man Naxx

Best Classes:
Shadow Priest
Elemental Shaman
Balance Druid

Notes: Loot priority here goes to the Priests and Warlocks because of the spirit.

Inevitable Defeat
25-Man Naxx

Best Class: Frost Death Knight

Notes: This is also great for Feral Druid Tanks.  It could also be use for PvP by Ret Paladins and Warriors.

Medallion of the Disgraced
10-Man Naxx

Best Class: Protection Warrior or Paladin

Notes: This is only a viable option for tanks that use shields. 

Minion Bracers
10-Man Naxx

Best Classes:
Protection Warrior
Protection Paladin
Frost Death Knight

Notes: Plate with defense it’s equally good for each of the plate wearing Tanks.

Omen of Ruin
10-Man Naxx

Best Class: Rogue

Notes: This is an awesome off-hand dagger.  Could be used by a Hunter but it’s a way better for a Rogue.

Ousted Bead Necklace
25-Man Naxx

Best Class: Any Caster

Notes: Even though this is great for any caster, it’s better for Priests, Warlocks, and Druids. 

25-Man Naxx

Best Class:
Death Knight

Notes: This ring is good for any class that could use the strength and expertise stats from the ring. Melee DPS are dependent on expertise rating as well as tank classes. This also drops off other bosses if Patchwerk does not drop the ring or if you lose it to someone else.

Shadow of the Ghoul
25-Man Naxx

Best Class: Protection Warrior or Paladin

Notes: If you’re a DK without a tanking cloak this is a possibility, but not suggested.

Shoulderguards of the Undaunted
25-Man Naxx

Best Class: DPS Plate

Notes: This is better for Warriors because they scale better with haste than Paladins and DKs.

Silent Crusader
25-Man Naxx

Best Class: Rogue

Notes: This is a great main-hand option for rogues.  It could also be used by a hunter if necessary.

The Stray
10-Man Naxx

Best Classes:
Enhancement Shaman

Notes: This is a great weapon for the few fist weapon rogues that are out there and Enhancement Shaman.  It can also be used by a Hunter, but it’s not the greatest choice.

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