Gotta Catch Them All: Achievement Pets

Updated Fri, Jan 06, 2012 by Saia

Blizzard has been gracious enough to allow us to get pets for getting pets in World of Warcraft through the achievement system. Collect enough pets and a pet might find its way into your pocket, backpack, or satchel to be magically added to some mystical collection of traveling companions much like a certain round shaped ball that certain electrical rats spend their evenings in. These achievements are not for the faint of heart, nay, they are for those diligent in their quest to hunt down and collect ‘em all.

The Path to Be the Companion Pet Master

Collecting all of the pets through achievements is tough work; you’ll need 150 pets total in order to score all of the achievement related pets. That’s a ton of pets, but don’t give your hopes up. Not only will the road be paved in pokeba- I mean vanity pets and achievement points, but when pet battles arrives you’ll have a collection to rival everyone else.

On the road to 150 you’ll find yourself with a slight problem. There are only 220 pets in the game and only about 185 are available without having to spend any money or do anything outside of the game and of that, about 10 or so (give or take a few) are no longer obtainable. So there isn’t a ton of wiggle room when it comes to collecting them all.

Even worse, only about 35 of the pets are available for gold coin. That leaves 116 that you’ll need to farm. You can get five easily through guild achievements, meaning 111 are left over. Then there are gotcha’s like Children’s Week where you only get one pet per year and the Argent Tournament where you’ll need to trade across faction to catch ‘em all. Some, like Mojo, are extremely difficult to get or could take weeks of farming like the Fox Kit.


The official community site can tell you which pets you still need to collect.

Thankfully the Darkmoon Faire (see our guide here) has alleviated a lot of problems with getting this achievement. There are over 15 new pets in patch 4.3 and that helps greatly with the whole problem this achievement series has had where you’ll have to buy pets in the Blizzard Store or pick up some Trading Card Game pets in order to catch ‘em all.

The neat thing though is the entire chain is in a series and starting at 50 companion pets you’ll begin earning pets (again at 75, 100, 125, and 150).

Understanding the Struggle

Here is the problem with the achievements. The first few, especially for one, fifteen, and twenty five pets is very easy to obtain. You’ll probably already have them, just based on doing various world events, random pet collecting, and more. You can pretty much just outright buy all of those pets and get those achievements. After that though you’ll have to start grinding and the best way to tackle it is by just organizing yourself and going through the list.

Luckily, here at Ten Ton Hammer, we’ve been putting together some awesome guides to find and locate all of the pets and below you’ll find what we have so far. If you keep tuned in each week we’ll continue expanding the list, so keep your eyes peeled and your browsers set for Ten Ton Hammer.

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