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If its Fishing Daily Quests you seek, head on over to t
If its Fishing Daily Quests you seek, head on over to the Eventide section of Dalaran. There standing next to the fountain in all her fisherwoman’s glory is Marcia Chase. Marcia not only offers travelers fishing wares, and training, but she is the provider of your Fishing Daily Quests. Marcia will offer players one of five random quests. The quests themselves are randomly chosen each day, but will be the same for everyone on a particular server. When completed Fishing Dailies offer a Bag of Fishing Treasures, that can contain a myriad of items, ranging from mundane gray and green items, to valuable purple gems and blue items.

Blood Is Thicker

  • Marcia Chase in Dalaran City wants you to bring her 5 Bloodtooth Frenzies.
Bloodtooth Frenzies true to their name, are attracted by blood. Players will need to head to Borean Tundra and slaughter one of the beasts wandering there. If you have done the quests in this zone, these are the animals the D.E.H.T.A had you previously save. Please keep in mind that the player must be the one getting the killing blow, if you fail to get the killing blow you will not receive the proper debuff.

A Pool of Blood. Attracts Bloodtooth Frenzies.
After you have gained the Animal Blood debuff, head to the nearest body of water and jump on in. This should create a red pool of blood in the water, perfect for attracting Bloodtooth Frenzies. Be sure your bobber lands inside the pool when you cast, and fish away. Once you have collected 5 Bloodtooth Frenzies head back to Marcia Chase in Dalaran to collect your booty.

[ProTip] Don’t stop at just one pool, jump back out take out another animal and  jump back in the water. Clustering the pools together will make hitting the target much easier.[/Protip]

Jewel of the Sewer

  • Marcia Chase in Dalaran City wants you to bring her a piece of Corroded Jewelry.
For this quest you will be heading to the dank and dirty Sewers of Dalaran to try your luck at snagging a valuable. Marcia warns you not to pull to hard when trying to pull up your potential loot and you should take her advice to heart. Once inside the Sewers begin to cast as normal. The trick is to wait until the bobber has stopped moving and then pull in your line. Players have also reported better results fishing in the deeper Sewer waters (near the boats), however I have not confirmed this myself. If you seem to be reeling in more than your share of junk, try attaching a lure for better results. Once you have your Corroded Jewelry return to Marcia Chase for your prize.

Dangerously Delicious

  • Marcia Chase in Dalaran City wants you to bring her 10 Terrorfish.
 Terrorfish can only be found in the frigid waters of war torn Wintergrasp.Terrorfish similar to Pygmy Suckerfish are not caught on their own, but will appear in your loot window along with other fish. This is not a bad thing since most of these fish are required for the highly valued Fish Feast. Since this is PvP territory players will not only need to watch out for mobs, but also enemy players. To complete the quest more quickly, bring all your fishing gear and lures for max fishing skill.

If you are not able to fly into Wintergrasp you will need to wait for the portal to appear in Dalaran. Take the portal and make your way to your faction’s flight master. This will give you a permanent way to get into Wintergrasp unitl you can fly in on your own. Once you have collected 10 Terrorfish head back to Marcia to collect your reward.


  • Marcia asks you to find a prison guards Severed Arm and then return to Olisarra the Kind for reattachment.

I wonder if she ever tires of reattaching that arm? (Comic submitted by Fyreuni and featured on the offical WoW site).
To complete this quest players previously had needed to travel to the Frozen Sea, in Patch 3.3.3 Blizzard made a change and now players seeking this macabre item need not leave the comfort of Dalaran. Head to Violet Hold and begin fishing in the waters near there. There is nothing more you need to do except wait for the appearance of a Bloated Slippery Eel in your loot window. This Eel has made a meal of the Severed Arm, loot the Eel, collect the Arm. Remember this quest is not returned to Marcia, and you will need to seek out Olisarra the Kind who can be found in the Magus Commerce Exchange in Dalaran. After finding Olisarra you can collect your reward and ponder when exactly the previously mentioned guard is going to take the hint and get a new job.

The Ghostfish

  • Marcia Chase sends you on a grand adventure to discover the mystery of the Phantom Ghostfish by any means necessary.
Marcia tells you the fish hides among the suckerfish in River’s Heart (Sholazar Basin). Make your way to River’s Heart (be sure it shows it on your minimap), located roughly in the center of the Basin, and begin to fish. If you are lucky you will soon have your very own Phantom Ghostfish taking up residence in your bags, but what to do with it? Marcia wasn’t kidding when she said “by any means necessary” you are expected to ingest the Ghostfish. Do it quickly though, because if you wait too long the Ghostfish will fade into nothingness and you will need to begin again. Once you have eaten the Ghostfish head back to Marcia Chase to report your findings and collect your reward.

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To sate the cooking desire in you head to Dalaran and seek out either Katherine Lee for the Alliance, or Awilo Lon’gomba for the Horde. Katherine can be found inside the Silver Enclave in the kitchen of the A Hero’s Welcome the Alliance inn, while Awilo spends his time inside the kitchen of the Horde inn, near Sunreaver’s Sanctuary. Once found both these cooks will offer players one of five random daily quests. The quests themselves are randomly chosen each day, but will be the same for everyone on a particular server. Once completed the quests will reward players with 150 Kirin Tor reputation, some gold, a Dalaran Cooking Award (2 from Mustard Dogs!), and a Small Spice Bag.

Sewer Stew

  • You will be required to cook 4 Crystalsong Carrots, with 4 Chilled Meat in the Cookpot to create a Vegetable Stew for Ajay Green the innkeeper in the Dalaran sewers.
Crystalsong Carrots can only be found in Crystalsong Forest and look almost exactly like real

A Crystalsong Carrot.
life carrots in the ground. The Carrots are smallish, but relatively easy to find as long as you keep an eye out for the telltale sparkles. A large amount of Carrots can be found directly under Dalaran near the ruins. Herbalists will have an even easier time as the Carrots will show on your minimap when this quest is active.

Chilled Meat is a drop that comes from most Northrend Beasts. However beasts that do not have their own specific meat such as caribou, bears, and hyenas have a better chance of dropping the Chilled Meat. Once you have collected 4 Chilled Meat from your animal of choice, head back to Dalaran to find Ajay Green. Ajay is as previously stated found in the inn inside the Dalaran sewers. If you are having trouble finding him, simply take the sewer entrance outside of the Violet Citadel. Ajay can be found from there in the first room on the right as you enter. Turn in your quest and collect your reward.

Mustard Dogs! (2 Dalaran Cooking Awards)

  • Fill an Empty Picnic Basket with 4 Rhino Dogs that are cooked with your personal cooking skill, and 4 Wild Mustard.
Wild Mustard can be found right inside Dalaran City, but only in grassy areas. Grassy areas include but are not limited to, the courtyard in the middle of the city,  outside of the Violet Citadel, and around Krasus Landing. Once collected move on to the Rhino Dogs. Herbalists can track Wild Mustard on their minimap.

Rhino Dogs come not surprisingly from Rhino Meat. My personal favorite spot to collect Rhino Meat is in the Borean Tundra, slightly north east of Warsong Hold (Horde). Rhino Dogs only take one meat to create so you should be able to collect all four in a short time. Head back to Dalaran and cook up your Rhino Meat. If for some unknown reason you do not have the Rhino Dog recipe head back to your respective quest giver (Awilo or Katherine), and learn it. Once the Dogs are cooked click the Empty Picnic Basket which should be in your bags to combine the ingredients. Once this is done, this quest turns in at Archmage Pentarus at Krasus’ Landing in Dalaran.

Infused Mushroom Meatloaf

  • Use the provided Meatloaf Pan to cook 4 Infused Mushrooms and 2 Chilled Meats.
To begin this quest you will need to delve into the corrupted Underbelly of Dalaran city. Here you will find Infused Mushrooms growing through the sewers. The Mushrooms are pretty much everywhere, just keep on the lookout for the sparkles. Next it’s on to the Chilled Meat, which as we all know drop from nearly every beast in Northrend. Take your pick and wipe out beasts until you have at least 2 in your possession. After gathering the required items find or create a cooking fire and use the Meatloaf Pan. All that is left is to hunt down Orton Bennet for delivery. Orton can be found wiling away the time upstairs in the shop known as Curiosities and More, almost directly across the street from The Silver Enclave. 

Convention at the Legerdemain

  • Obtain 4 Northern Stew and  a Jug of Wine.
The Jug of Wine can be found inside Dalaran’s cheese shop One More Glass. The wine is a spawned item, with various locations around the shop so don’t waste your money on any of the shops wares. Once you have found the Wine, it’s time to create the Northern Stew. Northern Stew is made from what else but Chilled Meat (if you haven’t caught on by now stocking up on Chilled Meat is a good idea). Chilled Meat can be obtained from almost every beast in Northrend, which of these beasts you choose to obtain the meat from is solely up to you to decide. 1 Chilled Meat is required for each Northern Stew so after you have collected the needed 4 Chilled Meat, venture back to Dalaran and cook the stew.

Brom Brewmaster - Valgarde (Howling Fjord)
Rollick MacKreel - Valiance Keep (Borean Tundra)

Thomas Kolichio - Vengeance Landing (Howling Fjord)
Orn Tenderhoof - Warsong Hold (Borean Tundra)

Once the stew is cooked head to the Legerdemain Lounge directly across from the Magus Commerce Exchange in Dalaran. Here you will find Arille Azuregaze to turn in your quest and collect your reward.

Cheese for Glowergold

  • Combine the empty cheese platter with Aged Dalaran Limburger and 6 Half Full Dalaran Wine Glasses.
Make your way to the east side of Dalaran, next door to the bank, where you will find the cheese shop. You may think you are going to buy cheese here, however why buy cheese when you can just steal it. The

Half Empty Wine Glass on a table in Dalaran.
cheese you will be stealing can be looted from a table near the door. Once you have collected the cheese you will take on the more difficult, and gross (Half Empty Wine Glasses…..seriously?!) portion of the quest. Wine Glasses can be found all over Dalaran on tables within the various bars and inns. Be sure to check upstairs and down for the glasses. Depending on how many people are doing the quest this may actually take some time, but overall it is not difficult to accomplish. Once your bounty is collected combine it all by clicking on the platter in your inventory. The quest turns in to Ranid Glowergold at Legendary Leathers located at the very back of the Magus Commerce Exchange.

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For all things Jewelcrafting visit Timothy Jones in the Magus Commerce Exchange in Dalaran City. Timothy will be dishing out one of six random daily quests to you each day. The quests themselves are randomly chosen each day, but will be the same for everyone on a particular server. As a reward for completing each of these quests the player will receive a Dalaran Jewelcrafter’s Token, 25 reputation, and some gold to line your pockets. A started quest is required to unlock the various daily quests called “Finish the Shipment”. This quest asks the Jewelcrafter to provide a Chalcedony to Timothy to help him complete a shipment. Chalcedony drops of mobs (the highest drop rate comes fro a Risen Alliance Solider), mined from any mine in Northrend, found in Titanium Lockboxes, or my personal favorite method of obtaining items, found in the Auction House.

Shipment: Blood Jade Amunlet

  • Combine a Vrykul Amulet, a Dark Jade and a Bloodstone to make a Blood Jade Amulet.
Dark Jade and Bloodstone are usually gained by mining any of the nodes in Northren, found inside Titanium Lockboxes, or Prospected ore. If you happen to get either of these from any of these methods that is great, however for those not wanting to wait around for luck, I suggest heading to the local Auction House and purchasing both of these fine items. It may cost you some gold, but it will save you at least a little time.

The Vrykul Amulet however is a different story, as it is a quest drop item and can be collected from any Vrykul in Northrend. My personal preference is to take the flight path out of Dalaran to K3 (Storm Peaks) and head north to Sifreldar Village for some hardcore Vrykul killing. Once the Amulet drops and you have collected all the other materials head back to Timothy Jones in the Magus Commerce Exchange to turn in the quest.

Shipment: Bright Armor Relic

  • Combine an Elemental Armor Scrap, a Bloodstone and a Huge Citrine to craft a Bight Armor Relic.
Elemental Armor Scraps drop off just about any Elemental found in Northrend. Which Elementals you choose to kill is totally up to you, however I find its easiest to take the flight to Ebon Watch and take out the Icetouched Earthragers located just outside the camp. The other items required for this quest (Bloodstone and Huge Citrine) are not quest drops, and must be collected from Mining, Prospecting, Lockboxes, or by visiting the Auction House. Once all the items are collected and combined return to Timothy Jones in the Magus Commerce Exchange to collect your reward.

Glowing Ivory Figurine

  • Combine Northern Ivory, a Chalcedony and a Shadow Crystal to create a Glowing Ivory Figurine.
Northern Ivory can be obtained from any Shoveltusk or Mammoth in Northrend. For easy kills fly out to the grassy plains of Howling Fjord and seek out the rather ugly Shoveltusks that make their homes there. Shoveltusks are herd animals and where you find one herd, there is usually many more. This item should be a quick find. The other items required for this quest (Chalcedony and Shadow Crystal) are not quest drops, and must be collected from Mining, Prospecting, Lockboxes, or by visiting the Auction House. Once combined the quest turns back in to the original quest giver in the Magus Commerce Exchange ; Timothy Jones.

Shipment: Intricate Bone Figurine

  • Combine a Proto Drake Bone, a Sun Crystal and a Dark Jake to craft an Intricate Bone Figurine.
Proto Drake Bones come from (if it wasn’t obvious) Proto Drakes that can be found throughout Northrend. While there are viable Proto Drakes in Storm Peaks, and Howling Fjord for this quest I choose to make the journey to Sholazar Basin to kill the Primordial Drakes found just above the Glimmering Pillar. In my opinion this area has the greatest concentration of drakes, with a decent spawn rate. Once you have obtained the Bone, you must also collect a Sun Crystal and a Dark Jade. These items however are not normal quest drops and must be collected from Mining, Prospecting, Lockboxes, or by visiting the Auction House or a very helpful friend. Once the items are collected and combined the quest should be returned to Timothy Jones in the Magus Commerce Exchange .

Shipment: Shifting Sun Curio

  • Collect and combine a Scourge Curio, a Sun Crystal and a Shadow Crystal to make a Shifting Sun Curio.
While the Sun Crystal and Shadow Crystal required for this quest are not true quest items and as such will need to be collected through other methods (Mining, Prospecting, Friends, Auction House, etc) the Scourge Curio is a quest item and is dropped from any scourge that can be found in Northrend. The closest Scourge to Dalaran are almost directly beneath it, fly down, or if you have no flying mount take the portal that leads to Crystalsong Forest and seek out Lost Shandaral Spirits. Kill as many of these as needed until the Curio drops. Combine the Curio with the other items and head back to Dalaran to turn the quest into Timothy Jones in the Magus Commerce Exchange.

Shipment: Wicked Sun Brooch

  • Collect and combine an Iron Dwarf Brooch, a Huge Citrine and a Sun Crystal to create a Wicked Sun Brooch.\
You won’t get to punt any Dwarves (almost as good as Gnomes) in this quest, but you will get to aimlessly slaughter them. The Iron Dwarf Brooch needed for this quest drops from any of the Iron Dwarves in Northrend. You the player can decide your personal preference as to which ones you kill, but my  suggestion would be to head to Storm Peaks and seek out the dwarves there. The cave housing the dwarves can be found just south west of the Temple of Storms, and contains quite a few of these nasty fellows.

The other items required to complete this quest (Huge Citrine and Sun Crystal) are not your typical quest drops and as such will need to be collected independently, either through Mining, Prospecting, a good friend, or your local Auction House. Once all the items are collected and combined take the Wicked Sun Brooch back to Timothy Jones in the Magus Commerce Exchange of Dalaran to receive your reward.

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