Understanding Draenei

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The Draenei are a proud race from the now-broken planet of Draenor. They raced to safety from the destruction of their planet, seeking refuge in Azeroth. They have been seen in Azeroth before, however only in remnants of what their proud race was. The Lost Ones and the Broken are corrupted Draenei and they have inhabited Azeroth in the past. They can be found in the Swamp of Sorrows and in the Blasted Lands.


The Draenei are Eredar who rejected the offer of power that the Burning Legion presented them. They escaped from their original planet of Argus with the help of the Naaru. They renamed themselves the Draenei and settled on a peaceful planet that they named Draenor. The Burning Legion eventually found them and caused the peaceful orcs that they shared the planet with to become demon-maddened beings. The orcs almost destroyed the Draenei. In a desperate move, the remaining Draenei sought out the only beings they knew that could possibly help them fight against the Burning Legion. The Alliance had scored a major victory against the Horde and had destroyed the Dark Portal. Their vessel was sabotaged and barely made it to Azeroth. The ship, the Exodar crashed and the surviving Draenei began to build a settlement near the crash site.


As a Draenei, you will begin at the crash site on Azuremyst Isle. Their secondary zone is Bloodmyst Isle. These islands lie to the south of the Night Elf region of Teldrassil and west of the Kalimdor mainland. You can reach the area by way of a boat from Auberdine.

The Draenei capital is called the Exodar and is actually the remains of their crashed ship. It lies on western coast of Azuremyst Isle.

Class Choices

As a Draenei you can play the following classes:

  • Warrior
  • Paladin
  • Hunter
  • Priest
  • Shaman
  • Mage
Racial Abilities

Draenei have useful racial abilities that will make them an asset to any group they are in.

Gift of the Naaru - Heals the target over 15 seconds. The amount of healing scales with level. Has a 1.5 sec cast time and a 180 sec cooldown. Range of 40 yards.

Gemcutting Jewelcrafting skill increased by 5.

Shadow Resistance - Shadow Resistance increased by 10.

Heroic Presence (Warrior, Paladin, Hunter) - Increases damage to hit by 1% for you and all party members within 30 yards.

Inspiring Presence (Priest, Shaman, Mage) - Increases chance to hit by 1% for you and all party members within 30 yards.

Priest Abilities

As with every other class that can play a priest, Draenei priests gain 2 race specific abilities.  They are:

Symbol of Hope - This ability gives all party members 33 mana every 5 seconds for 15 seconds. It is an instant cast with a 5 minute cooldown.

Fear Ward - Wards the friendly target against Fear. The next Fear effect used against the target will fail, using up the ward. Lasts 10 minutes. This is an instant cast with a 30 second cooldown.

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