WoW Cataclysm: Ramkahen Reputation Guide

By Jason Bechdel -

The Ramkahen, Ramen Noodle Kahen, Ramka Noodle Ding Dong, or whatever your favorite fun  and creative name alternative for them may be, are a cat-like people found in the newly opened zone of Uldum. Despite their odd name and appearance the Ramkahen offer many excellent rewards for players of all sorts. Find out how to unlock this faction, what rewards they have to offer, and a bit of their history in this handy dandy guide to the Ramkahen faction.

While it may be tempting to simply fly into Uldum and begin questing to unlock this faction, it is simply not possible. As one of the most phased zones in Cataclysm it’s not surprising to find that first players must complete a set of opening quests that will not only unlock other quests in the zone, but will eventually lead them directly into Ramkahen, the capital city of the Ramkahen race.

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