Knights of the Ebon Blade Reputation Guide

One of the many factions that you can earn reputation in the World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, is the order called the Knights of the Ebon Blade.

One of the many factions that you can earn reputation in the World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, is the order called the Knights of the Ebon Blade.  This group is made up of Death Knights who have made their home at the Ebon Hold in the Eastern Plaguelands. They also have bases at the Ebon Watch in Zul'Drak and the Shadow Vault in Icecrown. The main area players will see them is around the Shadow Vault as they quest in there while attempting to gain reputation with them to earn rewards.

Death's Rise is one of the places that has quests for the Ebon Blade Faction.

Players start at neutral with the Knights of the Ebon Blade and must earn additional reputation by completing quests for them.  If you are a Death Knight you start with friendly level reputation with them after you have completed one of your class quests at level 55.

Earning Reputation

There are a vast number of quests that you can do to earn reputation with the Knights of the Ebon Blade.  Before you are level 80 you can start to earn reputation with the Knights by following the quest chain that starts with An Invitation, of Sorts.  The chain starts   with a drop off of a Withered Troll outside of the Ebon camp in Zul’drak. The quest line gives about 1,900 rep in addition to the other quests available at the outpost.

Many players however don’t start seriously worrying about the reputation until they hit level 80 and reach Icecrown.  Therefore the place most people start their reputation grind is with the quests based around the Shadow Vault in Icecrown.

Once you reach friendly reputation you can either continue as normal in your reputation guide, completing more quests, or purchase the tabard and start running 5 man dungeons.  If you are fresh to level 80, I would probably just do this as it supplies reputation and items as you go.  If you can’t find groups for dungeons though, or if you just prefer questing, you can do that instead.

The quests start with It’s all fun and Games and works through several quests until you get to the point where dailies open up after finishing The Shadow Vault.  The initial quest chain keeps going though through to the quest Let the Baron Know.  It then starts a new one with Parting Gifts still in the Shadow Vault and Over at Death’s Rise with the quest To the Rise with all Due Haste! The quest lines provide a lot of reputation, but you can still champion the Knights in the various heroic instances once you reach friendly (easily done by a few quests in The Shadow Vault). If you have the time you can easily reach friendly, grab a tabard, and start running heroics. You’ll knock out two birds with one stone this way. However, if you want your head enchant fast or still need to get friendly then questing is the way to go.

Daily Quests

In addition to the quest chains, there are several daily quests that can be done to earn reputation with the Knights of the Ebon Blade. They are all available once you have completed certain quests in the long Shadow Vault quest chains and have reached level 80.  Each quest grants gold and 250 reputation.

Time to shoot down some proto-drakes.

The first three that open up are Shoot ‘em Up, Leave our Mark, and Vile like Fire.  Start all three of these at the Shadow Vault and then fly to Jotunheim to use the harpoons at 32,24 to shoot down proto-drakes until you are done with Shoot ‘em Up.  Then move into the town to slay 15 Vykrul’s and plant your banner in them for Leave our Mark. Lastly steal a green proto-drake from 27,39 and use it to light 8 of the buildings on fire to finish Vile like Fire.  This finishes the first part of the daily quests, head back to Shadow Vault to turn them in.

Once you have done more of the quest chain in the Shadow Vault and Death’s rise another group of dailies open up at the Death’s Rise. They are From their Corpses, Rise!, Intelligence Gathering, and No Fly Zone.  Fly to the Onslaught Harbour near 10,45 and slay enemies to collect keys.  Use these keys to open up trunks to until you collect enough documents to complete Intelligence Gathering. It should be noted that this quest has a very, very low drop rate and takes a long time for the reward.  While doing this apply the tincture to the bodies, after you loot them, to complete From their Corpses, Rise!  Once you are done summon your bone Gryphon and attack the enemies in the air to complete No Fly Zone.


Just some of the many rewards you can purchase

There are several nice rewards that can be earned with reputation from the Knights of the Ebon Blade.  Being an order of Death Knights the best items are melee based. To access the rewards at all you need to complete the quest chain at the Shadow Vault that starts with It's all fun and games, up to the point when you finish Shadow Vault.  At this point you can find the Duchess Mynx in the Shadow Vault to purchase items from.

One of the key items that players will want to access is the melee helmet enchant. The enchant is called the Arcanum of Torment and is available once you reach revered with them. It grants 50 attack power and 20 critical strike.  Also once you reach exalted there are some decent item level 200 epic items.  They are cloth casting waist, mail casting legs, melee leather chest and melee plate boots. Though, you can probably get better in the upper tier 5 man heroics or from badges, so don’t make it your priority to get exalted.

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