Jade Forest Walkthrough Guide - Part 2

Posted Tue, Sep 11, 2012 by Messiah

Mists of Pandaria - Jade Forest Walkthrough - Part 2

The first part of this guide focused on the events that occured right after you make landfall on Pandaria. It was all about getting settled into your new environment after being attacked by the Alliance and then the mysterious Sha.

Now that you have started to get to know the Pandaren, and met a few of the other native races, it is time to really get settled. This section is about trying to make an ally or two in this new land, while still fending off the Alliance in the area.

This guide continues to focus on the Horde experience if you are Alliance the quests in this zone are different.

Quest Hub - Strongarm Airstrip

Now that you have driven the Alliance from the area, Nazgrim wants you to help him establish the a Horde strongpost. The Airstrip seems as good a place as any to start from, so he and his crew have several tasks for you.

Forensic Science Missed me by... That Much!
Shademaster Kiryn
Strongarm Airstrip
Rivett Clutchpop
Strongarm Airstrip

Shademaster Kiryn is trying to eliminate the threat posed by the natives in the area, specifically the Hozen. She needs you to gather a some Viscous Chlorophyll so that she make make a poison that will affect them, and help in your fight against them. You can find this by killing the Lurching Blossoms around Serenity Falls.

Rivett needs some supplies and believes that one of his drones from the gunship crashed at the nearby Serenity Falls.

Head there and collect the crate, do it first though so that you get the next quest in the chain, which has you killing nearby Water Sprites. Which luckily are around the Luchring Blossoms that you need to kill for the Viscous Chlorophyll, so you can accomplish two quests at the same time.

They're So Thorny! Acid Rain
Empty Package
Serenity Falls
Shademaster Kiryn
Strongarm Airstrip

The crate Rivett sent you to collect is empty. You figure out though that it was the Water Sprites that jacked the cargo.

Hunt them down and get back the supplies that Rivett needs.

The Hozen have started to attack in larger numbers since you have left. Kiryn quickly turns the plants you brought her into poison and coats a stack of throwing stars.

She then sends you out in a gyrocopter to rain death on the attacking Hozen. Take flight and kill 25 of each type of Hozen in thea area.

Lay of the Land
General Nazgrim
Strongarm Airstrip

The incessant attacks by the Hozen have Nazgrim frustrated and losing patience. The more Hozen you kill the more seem to attack.

Nazgrim wants you to head out and get the lay of the land. Visit the Shrine of the Sun and the Shrine of the Moon. Oh and while you are out there Nazgrim also wants to to kill the loud mouth Hozen that keeps hollering out in the valley, who is named Dook Oookem (forever?).

Quest Hub - Cave of Words

While exploring the area for Nazgrim you come across Lorewalker Cho who offers to enlighten you about Pandaria and the Pandaren people.

Stay a While, And Listen A Mile in My Shoes

Lorewalker Cho
Cave of Words

Lorewalker Cho
Cave of Words

This quest is all about filling in some history and is only a story based quest, sit and listen.

The Lorewalker explains about the past and about the Hozen. He lets you know that while they currently fear you that will only last so long. To truly govern them you must inspire them.

Lorewalker Cho is more than willing to give you some more information about himself and his people, but would like you to follow him to the Circle of Bone.

Simply head off to the circle and talk to him there.

If These Stones Could Speak Peering into the Past

Lorewalker Cho
Circle of Bone

Lorewalker Cho
Circle of Bone

This quest continues to be about filling in some history. You need to use the key to unlock the secrets of the Circle of Bone.

While doing this a race called the Saurok attack and you will need to defend yourself.

The history lesson from Lorewalker Cho is all set to continue. He would like you to follow him to the Circle of Stone where he will continue.

Family Tree Swallowed Whole

Lorewalker Cho
Circle of Stone

Lorewalker Cho
Circle of Stone

The Loremaster shows you a vision of his family and past. Then asks you to light an incense bundle and see your family history.

Lorewalker Cho has finished his history lesson and is now willing to help you out a bit more with your Hozen issue. He suggests that if you were to help the Hozen and prove your worth, that they might respect and follow you.

He would like you to go out to Lake Kittitata and save several Hozen from the Crocolisks there and to gather some trout for them. Once you have done this head to the local chief Tooki Tooki at Camp Nooka Nooka.

Orders are Orders The Bees' Knees

Tooki Tooki
Camp Nooka Nooka

Bo Bo
Camp Nooka Nooka

Tooki Tooki is impressed by your assistance and tells you to head to Grookin Hill to meet with Kah Kah.

It looks like you might be getting someplace with making inroads with the Hozen. Make sure you collect and complete the other quests at Camp Nooka Nooka before you head to Grookin Hill.

Bo Bo tells you that the Hozen at Grookin Hill are in need of bait. He wants you to collect enough bug legs from the Tigerflies nearby to supply them for a while.

Simply kills the bugs on the way to Grookin Hill.

Kill Kher Shan Whicked Wikkets

Nibi Nibi
Camp Nooka Nooka

Jeek Jeek
Camp Nooka Nooka

There is a nasty tiger prowling the area, picking on Nibi Nibi's sons. Find and kill the evil Kher Shan (or should I say Shere Khan?) in the woods on the way to Grookin Hill.

Last of the quests at camp Nooka Nooka is one to help hunt down the Alliance nearby and collect thier service medallions for the Chief.

Captain Jack's Dead

Captain Jack's Head
Tigers Wood

While slaying the Alliance near Grookin Hill if you slay the elite in the center of the area you can collect his head to gain this quest.

The quest is simply to take the captains head to Chief Kah Kah.

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