The Problems with Boosting to Level 90

The many problems that could potentially come along with boosting a character to level 90 in World of Warcraft.

Level 90 Boost

With the Warlords of Draenor release someone on the horizon, it seems everyone is talking about it. One of the hot topics concerning this particular World of Warcraft expansion is the ability for players to pay to boost their characters to the max level of 90. No work involved, just shell out 60 big ones and you are ready for some end game action.

The Problems with Boosting to Level 90

Many writer's here at Ten Ton Hammer have touched on the subject and it seems we are all on the same page; the boost is fine, but we will not be buying it for ourselves. While I have accepted the level 90 boost as something not all that terrible, I still can't help but notice that all is not perfect with the concept. In fact, there are more than a few problems with putting a character on the fast track to max level.

Some are big, some are small, but they are there and could make boosting your character seem not all the peachy keen. Here are just some of the issues that may present themselves after boosting your character to level 90:

Level 90 Boost

Lack of Direction

After being thrust forcefully into max level, you will probably find yourself wondering what to do next. Usually this question would be answered for you, by World of Warcraft's extensive quest line. Things, usually, just fall into place. Without working your way through it, you may find yourself with little to no guidance and that can be a scary thing.

Of course, Patch 6.0 will include a starter zone, but players joining before then will not have the option to experience it. Thankfully, players can rely on the breadcrumb quest from Chromie that will lead them to the Timeless Isle, but perhaps a little bit more explaining is in order. New boosted 90s may find themselves wondering and stuck before the opening of Draenor. Going into this game with no clue of what to do is difficult and intimidating and that is no fun at all.

No Support Network

Going hand in hand with the lack of direction a newly boosted 90 will find themselves faced with, they may be also lacking a support network. As we level we meet people, make friends, join guilds and otherwise involve ourselves in the social aspect of the game. Skipping leveling means skipping all of that. While this may be fine for seasoned players, who already have a support network established, new players may feel like a fish out of water.

Imagine being level 90 with no one to talk to, no one to ask for help. You are thrust into the, arguably, hardest portion of the game all by your lonesome. A frightening experience, especially considering players at level 1 often complain they feel “left out” and that breaking into the ranks of seasoned players is difficult. Of course, you can still meet people, but it doesn't change the fact that new players boosted to level 90 will be fending for themselves for awhile.


As if being all alone wasn't bad enough, players boosting their characters to level 90 will have little to no knowledge of their class. The little details and skill players gain from leveling up, questing, and doing dungeons will be all but obliterated. Even seasoned players may find themselves struggling to adapt themselves to a brand new class, especially in end game content.

This is also a concern for other players who will ultimately be taking along a level 1 in level 90 clothing on raids, groups, and other events. While many will claim that this is unimportant, I know that I always hope that my fellow players have a basic understanding of their class and aren't just learning as they go. Call me an elitist, but I would rather not play with a bunch of level 90s who have no clue what they are doing.

Professions, Glyphs and Gear

A lack of general knowledge about the class you choose to boost to 90 may be the least of your concerns. You see, at this point in time, players who boost a character to 90 have their work cut out for them. Players are reporting that the standard gear given to them is no where close to hit or expertise cap, both essential for end game.

Also missing are any Glyphs, even basic ones, for the newly leveled player to use. Sure, you can head on over to the Auction House and pick up a few, but these really feel like something that should be included. While handing out every Glyph for the class may be impossible, giving out a few basic ones to get started with seems only fair.

Level 90 Boost

With badly planned gear and no glyphs, what else could possibly go wrong here? Well, it turns out that your newly boosted character is probably going to have their professions boosted with it. Sounds great, right? Wrong. At this point in time, none of the recipes are included. This means you have to find and buy them all. While this may seem like child's play to seasoned players, new players with only the standard 150 gold given to their character, will be out of luck.

Wanting to boost a level 60+ character and take advantage of the veteran bonus that will give maxed out 600 professions? Make sure you already have your professions learned or you might discover a nasty surprise. You see, if you have no professions and complete the boost process, the system will actually choose your professions for you based on your gear. If you end up with the wrong professions, you can then go one of two routes. The first is to submit a ticket and hope the GM will correct the issue, or unlearn and level the correct professions, which basically defies the purpose of the boost in the first place.

A Slippery Slope

While all these issues are legitimate and should give you pause when considering boosting your character to level 90, there is one issue that stands out above the rest. I can't help but feel that this payed boost option is one step off the edge of a slippery slope. How long will it be before Blizzard offers boosts for other things?

I might sound like an alarmist, but just think about it. We have gotten two shop buttons added into our games and now the level 90 boost. What will come next? Will World of Warcraft become a game that is nothing more than pay to win? We can only wait and see.

The Solution?

So what is the solution to all these problems? Some are easily fixed, like the glyph, gear, and profession issue. However, others are not so easy. No one can magically teach newly boosted players how to play their class, nor can they provide them with the social network that most seasoned veterans are used to. While I have come to accept the level 90 boost option as a good thing, it looks like Blizzard has their work cut out for them to make it work perfectly.

Will you be boosting a character to 90? Are you a veteran of WoW or a brand new player? What are some of your concerns, as a new player or veteran, with the process. Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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