Five Often Overlooked Mists of Pandaria Tidbits

Five juicy tidbits sure to quench your thirst for more knowledge about the upcoming Mists of Pandaria expansion.

With the exciting launch of Mists of Pandaria just a few short days away, we World of Warcraft fans are stuck playing the dreaded waiting game. While mundane everyday tasks may fill the time, those who have a true passion for the game will find that their mind is constantly ticking down the days, hours, and minutes. This will undoubtedly continue until Pandaria is at last at our fingertips.

While nothing can take away this burning desire to play, we can seek to quench the flames, at least for a little while. The best way I have personally found to do this is to read more about that the very thing we seek, in this case Mists of Pandaria. Devouring every bit of information out there seems to make the waiting more bearable and at the very least, allows us to be ultimately prepared for the newest expansion to World of Warcraft.

Below you will find five often overlooked Mists of Pandaria facts that I have stumbled across in my adventures for knowledge about this expansion across the internet. Perhaps you are already aware of some of them, and perhaps they will be as new to you as they were to me when came across them. Regardless they will hopefully help to sooth your yearning for Mists of Pandaria for a while at least.

Five Often Overlooked Mists of Pandaria Facts

Pandaren are NOT Kung Fu Panda Rip-offs
The Mists have parted...but why?

While I was already very aware of this fact, it seems that many are convinced that the Pandaren we are destined to meet in Mists of Panadaria are direct rip offs from the popular children's movie Kung Fu Panda. While this may seem to be the case, as the Pandaren and Po (the main character in the movie) are both cartoonish pandas who can kick some serious butt, it could not be further from the truth.

Looking back into the history of Warcraft we find that the Pandaren sprouted up in the lore long before Po was first imagined up by Dreamworks. Pandaren were first introduced as an April Fools joke before the release of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos which was slated for release in July 3, 2002. The "joke" was met with a wildly popular reception and the Pandaren actually made their way into the game as a neutral hostile creep. Seemingly beloved by the players, Pandaren have made appearances in Warcraft games ever since.

As we know, the movie Kung Fu Panda was not released until 2008. Meaning, unless Dreamworks leaked their story idea back in 2002 to Blizzard, it is highly unlikely that the concept of the Pandaren was divulged from the movie.

The Mists have Parted....for a Reason

Based on my observations during beta testing I was under the impression that the Horde and Alliance stumbled across Pandaria while trying to, as usual, wipe each other off the face of the earth. This of course at least partially true, we know the Horde and Alliance crash land on the island of Pandaria, but why were they able to do this?

Pandaria had been shrouded in its engulfing and protective Mists for time untold and it seems that none except for the Pandaren inhabitants have ever laid eyes on this isle until now. Why have the mists receded allowing the rest of the world in? Is this a doing of fate, of the Pandaren, or of the evil creatures that also inhabit the land? While we don't have the answers to these questions yet, it is certainly something to think about. The mist has lifted and when we can embark upon our journey into Mists of Pandaria we will hopefully find out why.

The Pandaren Empire

While it is easy to believe that the elusive Pandaren have always lived upon Pandaria, that simply (and surprisingly) is not the case. According to history the Pandaren are originally from central Kalimdor where they established the Pandaren Empire. Firmly allied with the Night Elves, the Pandaren seemed destined to eventually become part of the Alliance. That was of course not destined to happen.

The Night Elves have always been enamored of magic and eventually the Pandaren felt their obsession was spiraling out of control. They severed ties with their allies and sought out a refuge where they could live their lives in peace, they found such a place on a remote island that we now know as Pandaria. While there is no changing the past, one can't help but wonder what things might have been like if the Pandaren had not decided to leave the shores of Kalimdor.

For the Sunwell!
The Pandaren were replaced by the Draenei as the new playable Alliance race in the Burning Crusade expansion.

What do the Sunwell and Pandaria have in common? If you are like me, you are probably of the opinion that they have absolutely nothing to do with the other. However, after doing some reading it seems that they may have a connection after all.

As we know, Pandaria is a land filled with mysterious, unique, and powerful magic. According to Lands of Conflict, a source book for the Warcraft RPG, this magic has unsurprisingly seeped into the gems found in this land. Also revealed in this book is that the red dragonflight is of the opinion that crushed gems from Pandaria were a key ingredient needed to fully rejuvenate the Sunwell.

While the Warcraft book series is not really considered to be part of the real lore of the game, this information still managed to peak my interest. Will the magic of Pandaria be able to rejuvenate the Sunwell. What will this mean for the Blood Elves and their Wretched kin? All we can do is speculate and imagine what an interesting storyline this would bring us.

Original Alliance Burning Crusade Race

One of the most interesting things I've learned about the Pandaren and Mists of Pandaria is one that I have only discovered recently. Apparently the expansion Mists of Pandaria almost wasn't to be. Chris Metzen, in a candid interview at BlizzCon 2011 with Direct TV, let slip that the Pandaren were the original Alliance race intended for the World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade expansion.

Yes, you read that correctly, Pandaren almost made their appearance as playable characters in the first World of Warcraft expansion. Is your mind blown yet? Mine was. Halfway through production of the expansion the Pandaren were replaced with the loveable blue alien people we know as the Draenei and Blizzard never looked back, until now at least. In Mists of Pandaria the Pandaren will finally get their moment in the sun and at long last become a playable race.

Were you aware of these little known facts? Do you have other little known facts about the upcoming Mists of Pandaria expansion that you would like to share? Feel free to further enrich the minds of the Ten Ton Hammer community and post them in the comments section found below!

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