What's Next for the World of Warcraft Raid Finder?

Updated Mon, Dec 19, 2011 by Mem

The World of Warcraft Raid Finder, newly introduced in Patch 4.3, is without a doubt a roaring, albeit surprising, success. With the WoW Raid Finder for the first time ever the very casual can experience the end game raiding scene and even the more hardcore can find use out of this brand new WoW raid tool. However, while we here at Ten Ton Hammer have been focusing on the here and now of the Raid Finder, but in the Spirit of the soon to be New Year, it is instead time to think to the future of the WoW Raid Finder.

While the WoW Raid Finder came out of the gate working beyond anyone‘s expectations, nothing is ever perfect. Below you will find a list of things that I feel could be improved upon or introduced into the WoW Raid Finder in order to allow us all to have a more epic Raid Finder experience in Patch 4.3 and beyond.

Patch 4.3 and Beyond...WoW Raid Finder Improvements

WoW Raid Finder Fix #1 - More Instance Options
Introducing old instances to the Raid Finder would allow players to once again explore places like Black Temple.

As it stands right now players wanting to experience the WoW Raid Finder only have one instance option; Dragon Soul. Of course this is an excellent option, I mean who doesn’t want to take a shot at Deathwing and see how it all ends in the final boss encounter of Patch 4.3? Nevertheless the fact remains that for some players, who have yet to purchase Cataclysm or any of the WoW expansions for that matter, Deathwing is irrelevant. Of course it can be argued that these players are far and few between, which is very true, but in spite of this these players should not be deprived of their own “end game” raiding experience.

Still not convinced? How about adding all raid instances to the WoW Raid Finder for those of us touched with a bit of nostalgia, those wanting to pick up pieces to use for Transmogrification purposes, or even for a potentially more interesting way to gain experience (and not to mention some epic loot) during your journey through Azeroth. Blizzard has mentioned it already has plans to do just this, however, I would love to see it sooner than later because, let’s face it, some of the old WoW raid instances the stuff legends are made out of. So here is to bringing all instances to the WoW Raid Finder in Patch 4.3 and beyond!

I think that your idea of 3 levels of difficulty is a great one. The "easy" raiding would give those of us that are a little more casual(not because I want to be, but mostly because I have young kids) more experience in a raiding environment. I can't always spend 8 straight hours playing and I have missed most of the good raid content because of this.

This way, when I get some time to kill, and I feel more comfortable with the raid, I can choose to join a more difficult level of raid. Great idea! Hope to see it happen! It seems to be a way to keep both casual and hardcore players happy.

I want it now!!LFR / Raid Finder is the best thing that has come to 25man although I'd q for a 10 man as well.I don't think loot hoarding will be too much of a problem,but ya never know.I think it should be implemented ASAP.My guild has lost progression and there aren't enough raiders to do anything,ever.But instead of spamming chat for one put this '"raid finder" into effect so we all can get busy.Get the ball rolling so I can renew my subscription with ubber happiness.Queque me now =P.

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