The World of Warcraft Movie - Not Made Just for Game Fans

The World of Warcraft movie might be based on the game, but it won't be made to only appeal to fans.

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The World of Warcraft movie is coming. Despite many set backs, delays, and rumors swirling regarding the demise of the movie, it is coming. The cast is set, filming has begun, and it looks like we will be seeing it hit theaters sometime in March of 2016.

Of course, World of Warcraft fans are pretty excited about the movie. Seeing a piece of the game they love brought to the big screen is pretty thrilling, to say the least. It is pretty safe to say that a ton of WoW fans, and fans of other Blizzard games, will be heading to theaters to see it. However, many may find themselves disappointed. You see, the World of Warcraft movie isn't designed to appeal to just World of Warcraft fans, nor should it be.

A World of Warcraft Fan's Dream

When we think of the World of Warcraft Movie, I think many of us assume the same thing. We think that the movie will bring World of Warcraft to life, in a way that has never happened before. We are anxious to see characters we may know and love play out scenes in front of us. This movie will capture the game and take it to new heights.

Without a doubt, fans of the game have lofty goals for this movie. This movie, in the perfect world, would be a World of Warcraft fan's perpetual wet dream. However, while the movie will indeed be based on the game we know and love, it may not be exactly what we had hoped.

A Universal Audience

You see, the movie business is all about the cold hard cash. Unfortunately, gaming and games are still not 100% mainstream. There are many out there who will shun a movie, simply because it is based on a game. While this may seem narrow minded, it is the cold hard truth. Just hearing the name World of Warcraft associated with a movie is enough to send some people running away from it as fast as they can.

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This is not good for the movie business. Part of the idea is to attract as many viewers as possible, thus making more money off the film. This is why producer Thomas Tull, in an interview with I Am Rogue, revealed that the movie will focus on “big, universal themes”. These themes will try to appeal to an audience beyond those who are already fans of the game.

The Dream Lives

Hit the brakes. If you are like me, this has caused you to raise your eyebrows, at least a little bit. What exactly does it mean? Will the World of Warcraft movie turn into something less than we had thought? We all have seen the horrors of books that are adapted and ruined when made into a movie, could this be the same?

The answer to all these questions is a resounding maybe. All our fears could come to a head. The World of Warcraft film could be a total and absolute bust. With that being said, don't give up hope yet. While the movie may not be exactly what we had in mind, it doesn’t mean things will be a total bust. Not to mention, Blizzard seems pretty intent on making sure things are just so before releasing the film. A real positive note.

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The World of Warcraft movie has a reputable director and producer. Hopefully these two can pull off a movie that will be appealing to fans and non-fans alike. A movie that taps into the joy of World of Warcraft for fans, while still being able to catch the attention of those who have never played the game. Let's face it, while just appealing to WoW fans is not good business, angering them is also not such a good idea. The idea here is to bring in viewers, not turn them away.

More Warcraft Movies?

While the dream of a World of Warcraft movie made especially for “us”, the fans, may be dead. We might get something of a consolation prize. If the movie is done well and fans and non-fans alike flock to see it, the first World of Warcraft movie may not be the last. As mentioned previously, the movie business is all about money. So, if the movie draws the attention of a large audience and the film racks up those dollar signs, more films might be made in the future.

Of course, this is all speculation. Satisfying fans and non-fans at the same time is not an easy feat. We can only sit back and hope the production team is up to the task. How do you feel about the film trying to appeal to a wide audience? Do you think the movie will suffer because of it? Will you be seeing the movie at all? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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