Mists of Pandaria: Wrathion Quest Line Unvieled

Wrathion, son of Deathwing and the only remaining member of the black dragon flight, has mysteriously appeared in Pandaria. Find out what purpose this black dragon could potentially serve in Mists of Pandaria.

If you thought all the black dragons were wiped out with the fall of Deathwing you would be…utterly wrong. It appears that one black dragon is still alive and kicking in World of Warcraft and he has turned up in the unluckiest place; Pandaria. That’s right, a black dragon has taken up residence on this peaceful island and no one seems to mind one bit.

The black dragon in question goes by the name of Wrathion and can be found hanging out in the Tavern of the Mists in the Veiled Stair, just north of the Valley of the Four Winds. Despite being a black dragon and keeping company with the black market vendor, it seems that Wrathion is far from a bad guy. So who is Wrathion, where did he come from, and what purpose does he serve in Pandaria? Read onward to unravel these mysteries and more.

Spoiler Warning: The following contains numerous spoilers for Mists of Pandaria and should be avoided by those avoiding such content.

Wrathion‘s Story in WoW
The Purified Black Dragon Egg, created by Rhea, gave rise to Wrathion.. 

Wondering exactly where Wrathion came from? If you have followed the story line while completing quests in WoW, you will remember the red dragon Rheastrasza, perhaps better remembered as the Goblin Rhea. First encountered in the Badlands, Rhea, is determined to find a way to purify and ultimately save the black dragon flight. After capturing Nyxondra and forcing her to lay eggs that she then used for experiments, Rhea managed to successfully purify a single black dragon egg.

Despite her efforts to move the egg, Rhea was untimely killed by Deathwing, however, the egg was saved. Transferred to the Twilight Highlands the egg was put under the care of Corastraza, however, it later vanished. What happened to the egg from this time till now is unknown, but it is known that Wrathion is apparently the result of the hatching of this egg. This means that Wrathion is the only known living black dragon, but he is also uncorrupted by the taint suffered by the rest of the flight.

Wrathion in Mists of Pandaria

You may be wondering what the appearance of Wrathion in the Mists of Pandaria beta means and what this black dragon will have in store for us. Up until recently, we didn’t have the answer. However, thanks to some diligent data mining, we now have a pretty good idea of what part Wrathion will play in the WoW of the future.

It seems that despite his heritage and his quick temper, Wrathion, has taken a keen interest in the world. While he has watched the war between the Alliance and Horde with disdain and has sensed the growing madness in Garrosh, that is apparently the least of his worries. It seems that a bigger reckoning is coming to the world of Azoerth and if the two factions don’t shape up and begin to work together, the events that will come to pass will manage to make even the Cataclysm look tame in comparison.

Wrathion, with his passion for the finer things in life, like beautiful landscapes, good conversation, drinking, and even companionship, has no intention of letting these terrible events come to pass. Unlike his father, Deathwing, Wrathion accepts the fragility of the world at large and feels the need to protect it. To do this he will engage heroes from all over Azeorth in a quest line that has the potential to reach legendary status.

Wrathion Quest Line
Wrathion can be find inside the Tavern of the Mists with his trusty guards "Right" and "Left".. 

While we don’t know much about this quest line, we can glean a few details from the data mined quest text. As mentioned above, in order to stop this reckoning, Wrathion must first stop the incessant fighting between the Horde and Alliance. This is, of course, no easy feat. However, even black dragons who happen to be the offspring of Deathwing need help from time to time. This is where heroes like you come in.

This was first rumored to be a Rogue only quest line, it seems that more recent revelations point to the fact that this quest will be available to any WoW class dedicated enough to take it on. While we can’t say yet what reward will be waiting for those to finish out this quest line by Wrathion’s side, we do know that the amazing rewards start early on. Based on data mined sources, one of the early tasks Wrathion sets before us will end with him bestowing onto us the [Breath of the Black Prince].

Sha-Touched Weapon Enchants

Even though just the cool name alone is enough to cause excitement, learning what this item does will surely make you squee with anticipation. The [Breath of the Black Prince] is essentially an enchant. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Wrathion is basically enchanting weapons now. This enchant will allow the player to place what we can assume is an uber bad-ass enchant on any piece of Sha-Touched equipment. The enchant will remove any gems and enchants currently on that equipment, but if this enchant is even half as cool as its name implies, this will hardly be an issue at all. This leaves us to wonder what amazing rewards the rest of the quest line has in store for us and if more of these Sha-Touched weapon enchants will become available.


While we should keep in mind that while this information seems pretty solid, it was ultimately obtained through the process of data mining. This means that all of the above may change or be removed completely from the final release of Mists of Pandaria. However, with a quest line and rewards that seem to hold so much potential for awesome, as well as an interesting an multi-faceted character like Wrathion leading the way, I for one am hoping that Blizzard will deem this quest line worthy to make the final cut. What do you think of Wrathion and his corresponding quest line? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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