MOP: Valley of the Four Winds Quests - Part 3

We continue our walk through of the quests in the Mists of Pandaria starting zone the Valley of the Four Winds, this time visiting the famous Stormstout Brewery.

Mists of Pandaria Beta Pandaren Valley of the Four Winds Zone Walkthrough - Part 3

In this third part of our guild to the quests in the Valley of the Four Winds we explore the area surrounding the Stormstout brewery as we continue to follow Chen Stormstout's exploints. As a recap, upon returning home to visit his families brewery he got uncerimoniously tossed out by his uncle and told to not return. Chen then had you assist him in brewing his own "Emperor" stout to take back to his uncle to prove his worth. You have now returned to do just that.

After dealing with Chen's issues at the Strormstout Brewery we will carry on to finish off two small quest hums that we have passed through before but skipped so that we could complete Chen's quest chain and get to the brewery. These two areas are the New Cifera (near the Pools of Purity), and the Silken Fields.

Quest Hub - Stormstout Brewery

You have arrived at probably the most important area in the Valley of the Four Winds, the world famous Stormstout Brewery. Now to answer the questions: Why was Chen thrown out by his uncle, why is it boarded up, and how do we get some of that sweet Stormstout beer?

Knocking on the Door Clear the Way
Chen Stormstout
Chen Stormstout
Stormstout Brewery
Chen is now ready to face the rest of his clan at the Stormstout Brewery and would like your help. You meet him at the door of the worl famous brewery ready to lend a hand.

Chen is aghast at discovering the brewery overrun with drunked Hozen and Virmen and would like you to help clear up the drunkards. Unlike real world policies involving impounded vehicles and drunk tanks, here you get to slay them to remove the problem.

Find and kill 10 drunked Hozen or Virmen in the area and deal with them for Chen.

The Fanciest Water Barrels Man
Stormstout Brewery
Li Li
Stormstout Brewery
Mudmug is starting to believe some of the tales he has heard about the brewery and asks that if you see any watersprites that you collect thier watery essence. After all what could make for better water to start beer from than magical water.

Li Li is wondering what it is about monkeys and barrels, personally I wonder how long before an Italian plumber shows up in the game. There is a giant Hozen running around slamming barrels onto the Pandaren in the area, find 7 of them and set them free.

You will find them all along the road in front of the Brewery along with the drunken animals for Clear the Way.

Cleaning House Into the Brewery
Chen Stormstout
Stormstout Brewery
Chen Stormstout
Stormstout Brewery
Chen is now ready enter the brewery and clean up the mess inside. Follow him in the back door and help cleanup the trash, namely three enemy bosses: Eddy, Jooga, and Fizzy.

You have now finished the Chen Stormstout quest chain that leads upto the Stormstout Brewery instance. This quest has you enter the instance to complete some 5 player quests. Go and signup for a group to continue exploring the Brewery.

If you need help in the Brewery we have a guide posted right here: Stormstout Brewery Instance Guide.

Stoneplow Thirts
Stormstout Brewery

Outside of the Brewery there is a mild mannered Pandaren named Emmi that asks you to deliver some brew to a town in need, Stoneplow, which is just west down the road.

Agree to help her, but let's head back east first to clean up some other quest hubs.

Quest Hub - New Cifera

This little town in the northern area of the Valley of the Four Winds is home to the Pools of Purity, which provides some very special water to the valley. This is the water that allows the vegitables to grow as big as houses, but why? Will answers be provided, or just hinted at.

Ashyo's Vision Battletoads
Clever Ashyo
New Cifera
New Cifera

Clever Ashyo is wondering where the water comes from that feeds the valley, especially since it seems to have such special properties. He would like you to follow him to the Pools of Purity and watch his ritual as he tries to talk to the water spirits.

Make sure you complete this quest before talking to Zhang Yue at the Pools of Purity so that she will then offer two quests.

Since you are going to the pools of purity anyway, a nearby chef Yan (maybe referancing the old TV show Yan can Cook?) wants you to collect some toadspawn from the pools so that he can make a delicacy called "Bottletoads" for his customers.

The toadspawn will show up as bubbling areas in the Pools of Purity.

Snap Judgment The Golden Dream
Zhang Yue
New Cifera
Zhang Yue
New Cifera

A local to the Pools of Purity is concerned over the invasion of the area by small snapping dragon turtles. They are running wild and taking over the area. She asks that you find and kill at least 16 of these little snapping terrors for her.

After seeing Clever Ashyo's vision, Zhang Yue will have another quest for you. She wants you to gatehr a sprig of Dreamleaf while in the Pools of Purity and return it to Yan in Cifera.

You can find the Dreamleaf in the middle of the pools while gathering other items there.

Watery Woes
Gladecaster Lang
New Cifera

A local fisherman named Lang is having issues with his wife, and therefore has no bait or lures. I guess even in a video game, wives get tempermental.

Anyway, we would like you to collect 10 bugs for him as bait, and 5 feathers from the cranes in the area to make lures from. The only issue with this quest is the spawn rate on the birds seems really low, and only every fourth or fifth drops a feather, so it can take a while.

Quest Hub - Silken Fields

This small quest hub explores another great Pandaren tradition, silk weaving. Here you get to find out all about where silk comes from, and to help put down a threat to the local silk industry.

Where Silk Comes From The Moth Rebellion
Silkmaster Tsai
Silken Fields
Journeyman Chu
Silken Fields

The Silkmaster is willing to give you a lesson on what it takes to produce silk in Pandaria (which follows the real world production closely). While educational the quest is a bit frustrating due to lack of clear directions.

The Mulberry leaves are actually found in pots in the flower gardens to the north and not part of the bushes themselves. The silkworms are easy enough to find in the large pit. The raw silk is in the back of the large hut by the pit in a pot at the far back.

A journeyman at the silken fields was trying to increase silk production by breeding bigger silkworms and something went horribly wrong (doesn't it always?).

He wants you to kill 8 of the offspring from the giant Mothran.

Journeyman Chu
Silken Fields

Now that you have helped Chu with the offspring, he needs help with the mother. That's right, straigh out of a B japanese dinosoaur movie it is Mothran!

Defeat Mothran in the large pit in the silken fields. Luckily the Pandaren in the area will lend a hand with this fight.

This completes all the quests at the Stormstout Brewery and those to the east of the zone, next time we will continue the trek west and visit Stoneplow.

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