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  • This game has no class...

    Ever wonder why games have classes? Real life doesn't, we are not born and have our destiny set at that instant. We make it up as we go along, changing and adapting to what life throws at us, and for the most part it seems to work ok. With that in mind, today I tackle the topic of classes in games. Are they a requirement or are some games better without them? I look at my two current favorite MMOs and compare their approach to classes, which are very different. Which is more appealing, a game with many specialized classes or a game with many jack-of-all-trades?

    The two MMO’s I am referring to are World of Warcraft and Saga of Ryzom. As all of the readers here know, WoW is generally considered to have specialized classes. While not absolute due to the many hybrid classes or classes that can do more than one thing, it is still a class driven game. For example, no matter how hard you try, a warrior just can’t heal successfully, and a Priest can’t tank (although I have seen a few poor misguided souls try). This is pretty much the standard for MMO’s. There are a few specialized classes and a few hybrid classes, but all have very well defined roles and limitations.

    Get clicking to read more. Tell us about your experiences in the forums at WoW Ten Ton Hammer!

    Mon, Sep 18, 2006
  • WoW Ten Ton Hammer's Guide to Naxxramas Updated

    We now have a guide on defeating Maexxna, the last boss within the Spider Wing inside of Naxxramas. We include all of the information you need to take out this evil enemy and continue towards the ultimate goal, defeating Kel'Thuzad!

    "There are three phases to this battle that repeat. This is an endurance match. You need to clear each phase before the next one starts or else you'll start wearing down your raid. When people start dieing then it gets harder and harder to keep up. Eventually your raid will wear out. So you need to be able to deal with each phase in a
    quick manner."

    Keep reading to learn more! Did we leave anything out? Have you defeated this mob? Share your adventures with us in the forums at WoW Ten Ton Hammer.

    Mon, Sep 18, 2006
  • Learn All About the Draenei and Blood Elves

    We've updated our Race guide with information and abilities for the two new Burning Crusade races (Draenei & Blood Elves). We've also updated the previous information with each race's starting stats and even more information! Stay tuned as we update our Races guide and similar guides with new Burning Crusade information as it comes in!

    "The Draenei arrive to Azeroth onboard a piece of the Tempest Keep from Outland. Unlike the Draenei we see and battle, these Draenei are completely different. They feature a very Humanoid figure with various appendages and monster like qualities. They will be the new race arriving with the expansion and feature a very nice "monster" race for the Alliance."

    Read more about these races and then let us know what you think in the forums at WoW Ten Ton Hammer.

    Fri, Sep 15, 2006
  • Find Your Way Easily

    Looking for something here at WoW TenTonHammer? Well look no further! We've compiled every guide, article, and database into one easy to navigate page. Our Site Map is an easily bookmarked page that acts as a portal to all of the helpful information for World of Warcraft! A one stop shop for everying WoW!

    Fri, Sep 15, 2006
  • Professions Guide and Death FAQ Updated

    WoW - Ten Ton Hammer is committed to bringing you the most up-to-date information on World of Warcraft available anywhere. We're going through our older FAQs and guides, putting in new information, rooting out bad links, and adding pertinent new links. Today we've fixed up our Professions mini-guide, which now serves as a portal to all of our information on WoW's various tradeskills, and the Death FAQ. Enjoy!

    Do you think we forgot something? Did you try any of our hints? Head over to the forums at WoW Ten Ton Hammer and share your experiences with us!

    Thu, Sep 14, 2006
  • Official Site Update

    The official site for World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusades has been updated. A new feature on the spells and talents page has been added to allow you to get all the information you could want on the Priest class. Still to come are the Hunter and the Druid. Stay tuned right here to Ten Ton Hammer for all the latest updates. Have you joined the WoW Ten Ton Hammer Community yet? What are you waiting for?

    Tue, Sep 12, 2006
  • A Candid Look at WoW and Fan Events

    Given the ravening popularity of World of Warcraft, it was a shock to many a system when Blizzard announced wouldn't host a BlizzCon 2006 this fall. Ethec examines Blizzard's possible motivations for not going annual with what could easily be the industry's largest fan festival and why he believes yearly fan festivals are important both for the developer and the playerbase.

    "We can only speculate on why Blizz elected not to give fans a place to meet - forsooth, it's not for lack of subscription revenues. I quietly wonder if someone at Blizzard is concerned about pushing the hype too hard and careening over that precipitous cliff named "overplay" that's undone more than a few music artists: the Spice Girls, Celine Dion, et al. Fans can certainly poison themselves if they drink too often from their own excitement, and one thing Blizzard seems to do extraordinarily well is manage expectations. "

    Get clicking to read more. Do you often wish there was a place for WoW fans to meet? Let us know about it in the forums at WoW Ten Ton Hammer.

    Mon, Sep 11, 2006
  • WoW Ten Ton Hammer Site cleaned of Gold Selling Links

    We here at Ten Ton Hammer strive to no matter what keep you within a gold free network. We've gone through our site with a fine tooth comb and removed all of the lingering outside links to secondary market supporters (like ThottBot) to ensure that you never have to step foot on any site that supports gold sellers. As always, if you
    see any link to the secondary market then contact anyone here at Ten Ton Hammer (you can reach me at [email protected]) and we'll make sure it's removed asap.

    The entire Ten Ton Hammer network is a GOLD FREE SITE. We prefer to support the developers making these fine games then those profiting off of the developers hard work. If you want to know more about our stance on the secondary market then check out this press-release detailing why we will never allow links to any site that supports the secondary market industry.

    Fri, Sep 08, 2006
  • WoW Ten Ton Hammer's Guide to Razorfen Downs

    The team on our WoW Community site has put together a new guide for you! Keep reading to learn more...

    I sat down to right a new guide the other day and decided to go back to some mid level content that doesn't get much coverage anymore, yet many people still play it that are either new to the game or going through again with alts. Therefore this guide is for all you players going through the game for the 5th, 6th or even 20th time! I am writing the guide hoping that more people will explore Razorfen Downs, which has always been one of my favorite instances. It's been a favorite mainly due to the fact that it was someplace I felt completely useful as a Paladin. The instance is full of undead for you to completely pwn. Ok, back on topic, the instance while very fun sees very little traffic due to the fact that it is located deep in Horde territory, and there are more Alliance players than Horde players.

    For those that have never been to the instance it's worth the trip just to see the undead skeleton mosh pit!

    Get clicking to learn more about this instance. Have you played here before? Share your adventures with us in the forums at WoW Ten Ton Hammer.

    Fri, Sep 08, 2006
  • Account Stealing Scam

    The World of Warcraft official site has been updated with a warning to players. It seems that there is currently an account stealing scam going on and they want you to be aware of how to protect yourself and your account.

    We'd like to make the community aware of a recent account-theft scam that is being circulated through email, game forums, in-game chat, and other mediums. This scam involves fake URLs, or hyperlinks, that once clicked will install harmful "keylogging" software intended to steal your World of Warcraft account name and password. After the creators of these keyloggers steal this information, they log into your account, immediately change your password to lock you out, and then sell all of your items and transfer all of your gold.

    Get clicking to get all the details! Have you seen this scam in action? Head over to the forums at WoW Ten Ton Hammer and tell us about it!

    Thu, Sep 07, 2006
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