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Earlier we looked at the overall spell rotation sequencing for the Spiritmaster.

Earlier we looked at the overall spell rotation sequencing for the Spiritmaster. During that discussion it became quite evident that the Spirimaster’s conjured assistant is a key component to the arsenal. Like Garfunkel to Simon, or Hall to Oates (yes, I am testing your ages) the two companions sing in harmony as they wade into battle dispatching foes like a weed-whacker juiced up on Red Bull. Enough poetic musings about the common bond between men and their molten balls of fire, it’s time to discuss the different types of spirits a Spiritmaster can use.

First and Ten, or is it First Pet at level Ten?

The first pet a budding Spiritmaster will receive is a Fire Spirit at level ten. For those familiar with World of Warcraft’s Warlock class, the pet movements and attacks will feel quite familiar. The pet element will fight for you until it is defeated, and you can summon them anytime you are on the ground. The first Fire Spirit is fairly straight forward, but there are other types of “temporary” conjured elements that will also aid you. A summoned Spirit will not de-spawn unless it is cancelled, killed or the caster gets out of range (flight, teleport, etc.). Conversely a summoned Energy or Servant is only going to stick around for ten seconds and then they will dissipate.

Following is a list and brief explanation of the Spirits that a Spiritmaster can receive and at which level:

Level 10, Fire Spirit

The Fire Spirit is the bread and butter solo element to use for the Spiritmaster. Medium damage output and decent armor make it a well rounded option.

Aion Fire Pet

Level 13, Wind Spirit

The Wind Spirit is a cute little bugger that looks more like a Pokemon than a pet. This little guy will dole out quick damage, but can’t take a punch. Even though a Spiritmaster receives a Wind Spirit at level 13, it probably won’t get used too much until a player gets into PvP and can enjoy the stuns and debuffs breezy can put on an opponent.

Aion Wind Spirit

Level 16, Earth Spirit

The Earth Spirit is the tank of the crew with more hit points and the best armor/defense of the bunch. The Earth Spirit has a decent taunt as well, so it is capable of keeping the enemy’s attention.

Aion Earth Spirit

Level 19, Water Spirit

Last but certainly not least is the Water Spirit. The Water Spirit is the only ranged caster element a Spiritmaster will get and it can dish some serious damage. That can mean only one thing in return, it is as soft as butter on a dashboard in summer, and it will get flattened by the slightest of damage.

Aion Water Spirit

Looking for Temporary Help

In addition to the more permanent elements listed above, the Spiritmaster can invite a few temporary conjured buddies to the party. The shorter duration conjured pets do not affect the Spirits and operate completely independently of them. This means that a Spiritmaster can have a Spirit and Servant in the field of battle at the same time (and should). These conjured elements a Spiritmaster can learn are as follow:

Level 13, Fire Energy

Level 19, Wind Servant

Level 25, Stone Energy

Level 31, Water Energy

The Energy/Servant spells will cast two magical balls of fury that will cause a good amount of damage on the target. With a 10 second lifespan and a 10 second cooldown, it is possible to have them fighting all the time. Sometimes they will get a dose of aggro and get destroyed, which is why it’s good to let that Spirit get aggro first. Each of the different types deals that type of magical damage (Fire Energy does magical fire damage, Wind Servant does wind magical damage and so on). Always keep your glowing balls of fury out in the fray doing damage.

Spirit Spells for the Spiritmaster (say that five times fast).

In addition to auto-attack, each Spirit will have additional spells that come in handy. On a side note, Energy/Servants do not have a spell bar, they are purely offensive attackers. The spells that a Spirit can cast will help them contain aggro, dole out more damage or replenish their health/mana. Following are a few of those spells and why they are important:

Thunderclaw – an excellent little burst of damage that will help the Spirit’s overall damage and help on the aggro management.

Spirit Threat – when an enemy attacks a Spiritmaster directly it usually ends poorly for the Spiritmaster. Using Spirit Threat early in a fight (see Spell Rotation article) allows enough time for it to come off of cooldown if it’s needed later in the fight so use this one early and often. This spell works best for the Fire Spirit, second best for Earth and very poorly for Wind and Water.

Spirit Disturbance – this is ideal for a little PvP as it will provide varying stuns or debuffs depending on which Spirit casts it. If an Earth or Fire Spirit casts SD, then there is debuff placed on the target for reduced speed or defense (respectively). If a Wind Spirit casts SD, then it stuns the target. The coup de grace though is the Water Spirit’s SD which will yank the wings right off an opposing player and it will “crash” to the ground. Yes, “crash” is the official term used in the game.

Spirit Erosion – this skill has a typical debuff with a compelling little aftertaste. Casting this on a target will lower the defense of the target to the primary magical damage of the Spirit that casts it (i.e Fire Spirit casting this will lower the Fire Defense of the target). The interesting tidbit though is that this particular debuff also increases the item drop rate of the target. Schwing, yes please.

Take care of the hands that take care of you.

In support of the Spirits, a Spiritmaster can cast spells that will aid the conjured pet. These mostly replenish the Spirits hit points and mana points, but later on there may be more. The first skill is Replenish Element which transfers a Spiritmaster’s health to the Spirit. Don’t be afraid to trade your hit points into the Spirit’s hit points, the Spirit should be taking the bulk of the damage anyway. Later on, the Spiritmaster also receives a way to draw from the spirit in the form of Spirit Absorption which allows the caster to recover 25% of the mana available.

With a good Spirit and some Energy, you can go far in this world. Egads that was horrible, sorry. Seriously though, the Spiritmaster is well suited to someone who can multi-task a bit to optimize the output of the pet while maintaining their own damage. The Spiritmaster is not the classic nuker, it’s more of a slow burn as the damage from the Spirit and Energy builds, crescendoing into a pile of dead targets. I love the smell of Fire Spirit in the morning, smells like…victory.

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