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You didn't roll this cleric to heal people through dungeons involving orcs and trolls.  You rolled it to stomp on people with holy might and bless those on the front line with the stamina to e
You didn't roll this cleric to heal people through dungeons involving orcs and trolls.  You rolled it to stomp on people with holy might and bless those on the front line with the stamina to endure those sorcerer Infernos.  Playing a cleric in a game of massive PvP and horrible imbalance when one player is a higher level than the other can be difficult, but we have the endurance and potency to win against anyone in the end.  There's more to our PvP than meets the eye!

Do you really want to rely on this guy to kill people?  Can he even do a 720?

COME PREPARED.  Don't fly around in the abyss without several things.

- Wind Serum.  You will have to chase people a lot as a cleric.  Don't let your wings be the reason you fail.
- Health Serum and Mana Potions.  Serums are a good backup against burst damage and Mana Potions may be necessary in long fights and fighting other clerics solo.
- DP food.  Sometimes things just go to hell.  We have outstanding DP backup heals and they are meant to be used.
- Healing potions.  Sometimes dispelling isn't an option due to silences and we NEED to be able to cast/get some stuff off of us.  It starts a cooldown but it can be better than the cooldown of soul healing at the obelisk/kisk.

MANO Y MANO, or solo combat when farming/rifting in the Abyss or otherwise.

To put it simply, we have it really good against most classes.  Wars of attrition are right up our alley.  We have two major things to watch out for, and that's silences and stuns.  Both of those will snuff our instant heals that get us back in the game instantly.

Melee Classes  are fairly easy to kite with our fast cooldown root.  Hit and run with Chastisement, Earth's Wrath, and Holy Servant.  If you get stunned or otherwise brought into the fray, go for a quick Heaven's Judgement chain for a stun to buy some time for another root and to get back to range.  If you get lucky with root not breaking and their potions/etc are on cooldown, go for a Smite combo and pray for a Divine Spark to proc.  You want to stay above 60% health at all times against Assassins and Gladiators, Templars you can be a little more lenient with.  Assassins will go for an Aether Hold into a stun and try to burst you down, Glads will lead with Severe Weakening into an Aether Hold combo.  Expect a DP move to be thrown out to finish you, which is why you need to stay high at all times.  Do not doubt Templars either-  a decked out templar with a great sword is just as potent as a mean gladiator.

Chanters get their own section for being laughable for us until 45+, when they have a wicked healing stigma and the best stun in the game.  Do not engage these solo at high levels.  Unless you are entirely geared for damage, you are not outdoing a Chanter without some great luck in interruptions and Divine Spark proccing.  They are dangerous to kite since they will be faster than you most of the time.  Whatever you do, don't melee them.  One parry means a splash strike which they will likely try to combo into a stun/DP for a finishing burst.  Remember to keep Festering Wound on them to negate their awesome HoT.

Sorcerers are a mixed bag.  If you can survive the 50% cast time reduction stigma, you will likely win.  The typical sorceror will go for a Curse of Roots, get to proper range and pop everything he has, going for a combo starting with Delayed Burst and ending with a DP or Inferno.  You will likely have to hit your healing serum and flash of recovery here, but he can't do that again.  Light of Recovery is potent enough to counter individual spells with ease.  Use your instant spells as you close the distance with them to make them panic and start moving.  While they move, you should go for a Smite combo or get Earth's Wrath going on them.  If you get lucky with a Heaven's Judgement, you can go for more damage or take a risk and go for a Radiant Cure to reset the fight completely for them, only they're on cooldown on many key abilities.  Remember that you can dispel everything they put on you, and do so.  You do not want to be running around with negative fire resist after the initial impact!  Most sorcerers are stigma'ed for fire and stick to it, so if you're feeling brave you can go for a Summer Circle to make survival easier over the course of the fight.  The major downside to fighting a sorcerer is actually killing one.  Just take heart and smile when you see him run off while you're asleep.

Spiritmasters are the bane of us.  A long silence, many roots, a pet that likes to smack us on a regular basis with DoTs and debuffs, and if we want to keep up we have to dispel constantly, limiting our offense.  On top of that, Ignite Aether will purge all of your buffs 3 at a time if they slot for it.  Rule #1 is get to the air to avoid the spirit for the most part if it's not water.  Rule #2 is to NOT get in the air if they have a Water Spirit out.  There is nothing that makes a SM grin more than sending you down crashing down if you try to get crafty/run away.  If they are using a Water Spirit, it's actually a good idea to try and kill it since most SMs don't even use Summoning Alacrity or have it on a skill bar.  They're made of paper and Chastisement/Servant/Earth's Wrath should kill it in short order and most SM's are too focused on bringing you down to heal their pet.  If the pet isn't part of the equation, it becomes a gun-slinging match with them more focused on DoTs and debuffs.  Balance your offense with Dispels when Erosion/Chain of Earth/Sandblaster gets put on you.  If the pet is down or not a part of the fight, SMs really are lacking in burst damage and you can win a war of attrition.  Survive the fear, survive the silence, and they'll either root you and run or be a pile of wings in no time.

Rangers are a problem.  We have solid physical defense and a shield but they do stellar damage and can't be kited, or rather, they kite us better than we can kite them!  Stay healthy so you can't be burst down after a Stunning Shot.  Dispel snares and poisons, and close the gap just like Sorcerers to try and get some mind games going on, but most rangers are adept at firing specials on the move.  Good luck.  You'll need it.

Other Clerics are a battle to see who can call in help faster.  No one dies in a cleric vs. cleric battle.  We don't have any command stuns and we can dispel Festering Wound from the opposition.  Light of Recovery dominates the match up and you should just open a private store with "what's the point" as the banner after a minute or two of not getting anywhere.  Blah.

GROUP/SIEGE COMBAT - If you don't crash doing it, that is.

Be aware.  It's awesome to have a line in front of you of ranged offense and templars looking to pull people to your killing line, but if there's a legion coming in from behind you and you're not even looking that way, you are dead and the other clerics will have far more trouble keeping people alive and getting resurrections done.  Watch your back and call when you've got significant incoming.

Do not hold back with your heals.   The odds of you being able to radiant cure someone are really low.   Stick to Light of Recovery, dispel, Light of Recovery and use stigmas as needed.  Healing Wind is too slow for use in serious combat, so you need to look into stigmas for your preferred alternative.  If you get a moment, drop Festering Wound on a target.

Perhaps the most important part of PvP is to take it easy.   There's a lot of randomness in knockdowns and stuns proccing, sometimes the server will lag and sometimes things just happen at inopportune moments.  Rebirth is like a suicide spell sometimes.  When in doubt, do something else in the world.  Rifting is such a lovely griefing alternative with much less risk.  Just don't get frustrated, and get out there and show those rivals that we're not just healbots!

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